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People are pointing out major flaw with Tesla’s Cybertruck after video demonstrating it
Featured Image Credit: Tiktok/@antoniochianese80 / Tayfun Coskun/Anadolu via Getty Images

People are pointing out major flaw with Tesla’s Cybertruck after video demonstrating it

People have questioned how the car was approved

It's safe to say that the infamous Tesla Cybertruck is receiving mixed reviews since its release just a few months ago.

The highly anticipated truck was first delivered to customers in November 2023, and some people are already noticing issues.

One new Cybertruck owner found that after driving their $80,000 futuristic car, they spotted some problems with its panelling.

They also found that the car's right turn signal didn't work '30 percent of the time' - though the Tesla driver did praise the Cybertruck's acceleration, steering and overall build quality.

And someone else has since found some more issues with the Cybertruck's design that could result in someone being badly injured.

In a clip that's been doing the rounds on social media, someone used a carrot to represent someone's finger, and placed it near to where the trunk hood of the car meets the body of the vehicle.

Known for its sharp-edged design, the carrot put near the edge ends up being sliced up as the door closes.


People have since shared their thoughts online - and it's safe to say that they have a lot of questions.

"How did this thing ever get approval?" wrote one, as another pondered: "Why is it that so sharp to begin with?"

The carrot was almost sliced in two after being caught in the Cybertruck's trunk hood.

A third went on to add: "The more I learn about this car the more I am surprised it's even allowed to be sold, let alone circulate."

"This thing functions more as a death trap than a Truck," shared another.

Others came to the car's defence, however, arguing that any car model can cause this type of injury if you were to put your fingers in the wrong place at the wrong time.

"Breaking news: if you slam your finger in the trunk of the car it will cause damage," someone quipped.

"Yep. If you put your hand in front of a closing door, it will probably be hurt," a different person sarcastically penned.

Another added: "Can literally do that with any car with a door. Don’t need a Tesla."

UNILAD has contacted Tesla for comment.

Over two million people pre-ordered Tesla's Cybertruck before its release.
Tayfun Coskun/Anadolu via Getty Images

Experts have previously voiced concerns about the Cybertruck's design, particularly as the vehicles don't have what's known as a 'crumple zone' in the event of a collision.

The 'crumple zone' is used to take the brunt of any impact, compared to those inside the car.

But it isn't necessarily the people inside a Cybertruck that are at risk, but those in the other vehicle involved in the crash.

David Friedman, former acting head of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, explained to Reuters: "If you're in a crash with another vehicle that has a crumple zone and your car is more stiff, then their cars are going to crush and yours is resistant."

This was proven last month when a Toyota smashed into a Cybertruck. While the Cybertruck was barely damaged, the same couldn't be said for the other vehicle.

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