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First ever Tesla Cybertruck involved in head-on collision and the damage has left people shocked
Featured Image Credit: boddhya/Reddit

First ever Tesla Cybertruck involved in head-on collision and the damage has left people shocked

A car crash involving a Tesla Cybertruck has left social media users stunned by the condition of the car.

A car crash involving the highly anticipated Tesla Cybertruck has got social media users talking after they’ve seen images of the vehicle after the crash.

California Highway Patrol (CHP) were called to an accident that occurred on Thursday (28 December) that saw two vehicles involved in a head on collision.

In many instances, a head on collision can result in serious injuries and even death - but thankfully, that wasn’t the case.

In fact, the Tesla driver, who was in one of the vehicles involved in the crash - the other being a Toyota Corolla - only sustained minor injuries and refused to be taken to a hospital for medical treatment.

However, this isn’t what has caught the attention of Reddit and X users.

The CHP summary of the accident stated: "On December 28, 2023 at approximately 2:05 pm, CHP Redwood City units were dispatched to a two-vehicle crash on SR-35 (Skyline Boulevard), south of Page Mill Road.

“Our preliminary investigation indicates a Toyota Corolla was traveling south on SR-35 southbound, south of Page Mill Road, at an unknown speed, when the driver, for unknown reasons, turned to the right and subsequently struck a dirt embankment on the right shoulder.

The Tesla driver only sustained minor injuries - as did his vehicle!

“The Toyota then re-entered the roadway, crossed over the double yellow lines into the northbound lane, and crashed into a Tesla Cybertruck traveling north on SR-35 northbound.

“The Tesla driver sustained a suspected minor injury and declined medical transportation. No other injuries were reported. It does not appear that the Tesla Cybertruck was being operated in autonomous mode. The investigation into this incident is ongoing."

On paper, this seems quite the normal report and both drivers were able to walk away with their lives.

People were baffled by the seeming lack of damage to the Cybertruck compared to the Toyota.

But social media users were baffled by the seeming lack of damage to the Cybertruck in comparison to the other vehicle.

Images shared on Reddit by a passerby, username boddhya, showed patrol officers by the Tesla car.

The car appears to be in very good condition, at least on the side that is visible, and the airbag can be seen to have been deployed. Conversely. the Toyota appeared to be completely totaled.

“Except for the airbags deploying, Cybertruck looks drivable and dare I say unscratched? Of course, we haven’t seen the other side yet,” one user wrote.

“Hope they’re ok. Truck doesn’t look too damaged at that angle compared to the car,” wrote another.

“I feel bad for the other car, but I love that the cyber truck is still in perfect condition lol,” added another.

However, many users also pointed out the full extent to the Cybertruck would not be known until the other side of the vehicle is also shown and regardless the car could very much still be written off.

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