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Cybertruck owner discovers list of issues after driving it just 50 miles
Featured Image Credit: Tayfun Coskun/Anadolu via Getty Images

Cybertruck owner discovers list of issues after driving it just 50 miles

They also shared several images of their new car

A Cybertruck owner has discovered a few issues with his new car after driving it for just 50 miles.

Tesla's infamous Cybertruck has been discussed an awful lot online lately.

Just in the last month, we've seen a man sharing his rather pricey receipt for a Cybertruck, and people having a lot to say after the expensive vehicle had to be towed after getting stuck on small hill.

Now, one of the lucky few to have got their hands on the latest vehicle has shared a list of issues they've encountered since taking it on the road.

In fact, the owner, who goes by the name of 'Nan', has only taken the vehicle for a spin 50 miles locally.

They published all the problems encountered to the Cybertruck Owners' Club, where they also shared several images of their new car.

The owner shared various pics of their new vehicle.
Cybertruck Owners Club

"Loved the 'squircle', though just a little small for my liking, I can comfortably relax both of my hands on top. Steering is extremely responsive, and the turn radius blew my 22 tundra away," the post states.

It would appear that the owner was happy with their expensive purchase, though the Cybertruck did come with body issues with the panels that lined the outside.

If all was correct, then the panel should have been flush against the body, however a considerable gap was seen instead.

The owner wrote: "Overall Build quality: A- for a tesla, a few misaligned panels if you look closely, the right turn signal control is a little glitchy.

"Acceleration: More than enough for me. The motor somehow feels louder during acceleration and regenerative braking than any Tesla I've driven."

In addition, they noted: "The cup holder is smaller than I originally thought, the narrowest part holds a 12oz redbull perfectly."

While the owner seemed impressed with the Cybertruck, there were some issues.
Cybertruck Owners Club

Nan is also not a massive fan of all the publicity the Cybertruck has been receiving, but with how rare the car is at the moment, that won't come as any surprise.

"Attention from other drivers: Too much! Getting a window tint first thing tomorrow morning," they said.

In a more recent update, Nan wrote: "Ok, it seems there is a lot of debate regarding the quarter panel gap photo I took yesterday. So I took a few more photos and measured the gap. In my own opinion, I can't really tell unless I put my face into it.

"I tried to move/push it in but there is zero movement. I was expecting this level of build quality when I submitted the order and honesty I probably won't even bother to get it fixed.

"However, the right turn signal really bugs me: 30% of the time it doesn't work, I had to click on a specific spot to turn it on. This would definitely be an issue I'll address with Tesla. With that being said, be your own judge at delivery and I surely hope CT's build quality improves over time."

UNILAD has contacted Tesla for comment.

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