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There's a secret PS5 feature you can use that barely anyone knows about

There's a secret PS5 feature you can use that barely anyone knows about

Did you know about this sneaky trick?

PlayStation 5 owners are loving a secret hack that barely anyone knows about yet.

Despite the PS5 being pretty perfect as it is, who doesn't love hearing about secret tips and tricks to make it even better?

Although the console offers a brilliant gaming experience regardless, being in the know about certain features is always useful.

PlayStation 5 owners are loving a secret hack.
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Did you know there's actually a secret feature you can use on your PS5?

Yep, PlayStation 5 gamers are just realising that the device actually has a hidden web browser, although it's rather difficult to find without a nod in the right direction.

According to The Sun, the browser isn't a fully developed piece of software that's intended for regular use, so it may be a little buggy, but it's there nonetheless.

All you need to do to access the secret browser is send a message to a PS5 friend with a web address.

From there, you can click the link yourself to open the secret browser.


Earlier, we told you how PS5 owners are being encouraged to check two simple settings on their DualSense controllers, in order to make gaming as seamless and enjoyable as possible.

Every PS5 owner will know how annoying it is when the DualSense controller runs out of juice.

While there's always the option of plugging it in, most gamers will agree it's best to play wirelessly. Now, there's a way of making the charge last longer.

According to the US Sun, there are some simple ways of boosting your DualSense battery life, and they couldn't be easier to implement.

First, set the controller to automatically switch off when it's not being used.

This can be done by heading into Settings, selecting 'System' and then 'Power Saving'.

Did you know there's actually a secret feature you can use on your PS5?
Chesnot/Getty Images

You can also ensure your mic is muted to stop it from constantly being on in the background and draining your battery.

While these two changes should make a significant difference to your controller's battery life, you can boost it even further with one extra change - reducing the intensity of the haptic feedback.

You can do this by heading to the Control Center, selecting 'Accessories' followed by 'DualSense Wireless Controller'.

Then, select 'Controller Settings', followed by 'Vibration Intensity' and finally, 'Trigger Effect Intensity'.

While playing with the settings of your PS5 is of course, totally optional, it's always exciting to hear about others' tips and tricks.

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