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Software engineer wears Apple Vision Pro for his wedding day and people are divided
Featured Image Credit: X/@jahvascript

Software engineer wears Apple Vision Pro for his wedding day and people are divided

The bride didn't look overly enthused

A guy wore the Apple Vision Pro on his wedding day, and his wife didn't seem overly impressed.

The groom called Jacob married his partner earlier this month, and he took to X to share photos of their special day.

The bride looked lovely in a white dress with puffed-sleeve detail, as Jacob looked dapper in a suit and tie.

But it wasn't the pair's attire that got people talking, but Jacob's Apple Vision Pro.

"#JustMarried," he penned on X alongside the snap where his now-wife struggled to hide her dismay.

"That look of 'what have I done?' on her face is priceless," one person said of the photo.

"The bride's face says it all," added another, as Jacob replied admitting that it 'took some convincing'.

"Girl, run," said someone else, as a fourth person joked: "Congratulations you and the apple vision seem to make a great couple."

While his bride looked undeniably unimpressed with him wearing the Vision Pro, she seemed to later come round to the idea as Jacob shared another photo of them dancing the night away while he was still wearing the headset.

He also posted a photo of him dancing with other party guests.

While some people criticised Jacob about wearing the device, others thought it was quite a good idea.

Someone wrote: "It’s actually so sick that you’ll have spatial videos from your wedding."

"100% agree," Jacob responded. "Will be able to show them to my kids on their hologram devices in 10 years."

According to the Apple website, the $3,499 headset can 'capture 3D spatial photos and videos'.

"Spatial photos and videos take you back to a moment in time, like a celebration with friends or a special family gathering, so it feels like you're there again," it goes on to explain.

"You can view all your spatial photos and videos together in the Photos app."

When you look at it like that, maybe wearing the device on your wedding day isn't such a bad idea after all.

If you're wearing them to secretly watch YouTube videos, however... I can't imagine your spouse would be overly enthused.

The Apple Vision Pro will set you back $3,499.

In light of his post going viral, Jacob and his bride, Cambree, have spoken to Futurism.

The newly weds confirmed that Jacob didn't wear the device during their ceremony.

"I did not wear it in ceremony out of respect to God and to my wife," said the software engineer.

"But after we got out [of the ceremony], we were taking photos - like the bridesmaids and the groomsmen and things - and just jokingly, I was like, 'Hey, I have my Apple Vision Pro in my backpack'."

With the Vision Pro quickly rising in popularity, I'm pretty sure Jacob won't be the last person to wear the tech on their wedding day.

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