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YouTuber discovers dark website so disturbing he nearly vomits

YouTuber discovers dark website so disturbing he nearly vomits

The content creator was began gagging at the grim video

A YouTuber trawling the deep web was forced to censor a video after ‘gagging’ over something he ‘wasn’t expecting’ to stumble on.

The deep web, which contains the infamous dark web, is something that nobody wants to be browsing due to it containing a myriad of sordid and unlawful content.

While much of the deep web is legal and safe, many gangs and criminal masterminds use it to conduct their illegal businesses.

YouTuber Mutahar has a 'Deep Web Browsing series'. (SomeOrdinaryGamers/YouTube)
YouTuber Mutahar has a 'Deep Web Browsing series'. (SomeOrdinaryGamers/YouTube)

This is because websites on the deep web are unsearchable from your everyday internet browser - thus allowing individuals to keep illicit affairs away from prying eyes.

Naturally, there’s so much curiosity about the deep web and when someone says you shouldn’t do something, it just makes you want to do it even more, right?

One internet user who couldn’t help himself was YouTuber Mutahar, from the channel SomeOrdinaryGamer.

Each episode of his Deep Web Browsing series sees the social media star exploring hidden corners of the internet.

Before diving in, Mutahar gives a trigger warning to his 3.74 million subscribers and explains that adult material’ will heavily feature throughout.

In 2016, the YouTuber uploaded an episode of Deep Web Browsing that began with him browsing a ‘standard hitman website’.

The creator sat in silence as he digested the video. (YouTube/SomeOrdinaryGamers)
The creator sat in silence as he digested the video. (YouTube/SomeOrdinaryGamers)

From there, he visited a gambling page under the moniker ‘Crime City’, which appeared to resemble a slot machine game.

However, the next website he came across was the freakiest of the three.

Mutahar explained that he’d landed on a platform called ‘Mankind’s Habit’ and that it harbored some ‘deep web’ videos and images.

He clicked on a strange image before pressing play on a clip captioned: ‘The peaceful sounds are lovely’.

Due to the nature of the video, the footage was blurred but the YouTuber kept the sound running.

At the start of the upload, a baby could heard crying before the music rapidly became more sinister.

Mutahar continued to watch the unknown video and began spluttering, gagging and coughing before sitting in silence.

“That was not what I was expecting,” he admitted after collecting himself. “I know a lot of people don't like the censorship, but that was snuff porn.”

He later admitted he’d 'cross-referenced' what he’d seen online and claimed they could be linked to a series of Japanese 'fake snuff films.'

Whilst uploading the video to YouTube, Mutahar admitted that he ‘may have taken things a little bit too far’ with the content he included and advised that his fans ‘watch with caution’.

After viewing the 46-minute video, fans came out in their droves to debate the adult content.

One user wrote: “Just your standard hitman website...' ~ Mutahar 2k16.”

A second commented: “I for one am thankful for Mutahar being ‘obligated’ to blur the gore on the videos, because I certainly can live without seeing brutal things from real life occurrences.”

“The minute I heard that baby crying, my heart dropped,” said another.

Let Mutahar’s jaw-dropping reaction be a warning for all those thinking of searching the deep web. Maybe leave that for the professionals?

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/SomeOrdinaryGamers

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