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Hacker with 30 years' experience reveals the scariest things he's seen on the dark web
Featured Image Credit: YouTube/VICE

Hacker with 30 years' experience reveals the scariest things he's seen on the dark web

He called dark web hacking 'the perfect form of asymmetric warfare'

The dark web is a place that no one really wants to be.

For any fellow dark web novices, typical online sites have an IP address that can be tracked back to an individual, but the dark web uses complex systems that anonymise a user's true IP address - which is why it's often used for illegal activity.

A lot of sinister activity happens on the dark web; one example being the case of Chloe Ayling, who was kidnapped and put up for sale on it.

As well as kidnappers, ransomware attack groups will use the dark web to exploit personal data and blackmail people for money in exchange for not releasing the information.

This is something that an anonymous hacker with 30 years experience has seen for himself.

Speaking to VICE, the man explained that he'd once been a 'black hat' hacker, meaning he wasn't bound by any kind of ethical code and most likely had malicious motivations.

The guy described himself as a 'white hat' hacker.

But he later became a 'white hat' - people who see themselves as an ethical security hacker.

Explaining his role, he told the publication that he does things such as 'hunt the criminals who are targeting hospitals or who are targeting the businesses that I'm looking out for'.

Recalling some of the most concerning things he's seen, the man shared: "I've watched hospitals get encrypted. People are left with a choice: do I pay to decrypt the data or risk lives?"

Speaking in 2021, ransomware appeared to be the guy's largest concern as he shared that there had been an 'significant increase' due to its profitability.

Ransomware is often used to breach data security.

Going on to discuss some of the 'high stakes games' on the dark web, he explained that ransomware can be used on a national scale.

"You have national state actors who are doing what they need to do because the nation state that they're employed by wants them to do it," he said.

"There are financially motivated criminals who are looking for whatever way they can cash out, [and] there are some people who just want to see the world burn.

"Those are destructive hackers who will just go after systems because they just want to cause disruption."

He added: "Every single country has reason to weaponize these kind of attacks. [...] It's the perfect form of asymmetric warfare."

The anonymous man further claimed that he'd seen 'pretty much all western governments' going to the white hat hackers community for help.

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