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AI predicts what average American from each state will look like in 1000 years
Featured Image Credit: UNILAD/Mid journey

AI predicts what average American from each state will look like in 1000 years

As the debate surrounding the misuse of AI rolls on, we've uncovered what Americans will look like in the future

AI has gifted us countless memes and hilarious talking points over the last year or so.

And this year, using artificial intelligence to predict what someone/something will look like in the future has pretty much been the internet's favourite activity.

Whether it's what Europeans think Americans from every state look like now, what the 'most attractive man' looks like in every country or what the 'average person' looks like for each job, people can't help but take the results personally - and understandably so.

So, for our own amusement, we've used the AI app Midjourney to mock up what Americans from each and every varying state will look like in 1,000 years time.

Be warned: if you offend easily - or you're simply from Kansas - I'd look away now.

Whilst some states appear to have kept up with the ever-changing technology of AI, it looks as though the citizens of Georgia are set to go back in time.


Georgia appears to travel backwards in time.

Our first thought when we come face-to-face with this mocked-up man from the southeastern state is, 'My goodness, doesn't he look a lot like Abraham Lincoln?'

Encompassing the 16th President's signature bushy beard, bow-tie and unfortunate hairline, our Georgian guy looks ready and willing to launch a revolution.

The patriotically waving US flag in the background certainly doesn't help...

New York

He looks slightly different to today's stereotypical New Yorker.

When it comes to New York, you might expect our stereotypical artificially generated man to be wearing a several thousand-dollar suit, carrying a brief case and ranting passionately down his futuristic cell phone about stocks on the moon plummeting.

But surprisingly, our NYC resident couldn't be more opposite.

With frazzled, white hair and deep-set wrinkles, this guy looks like he's lived a thousand lives. You can see the wisdom in his eyes and I bet he'd have some great dinner party stories.


The Texan is one big cowboy cliche.

When it comes to Texas, AI has really gone down the cliche cowboy route.

Our resident of the Lone Star state's resemblance of Wild West actor and now-legendary director, Clint Eastwood, is uncanny - sorry, Clint!

Despite being transported 1,000 years in the future, they've even given him a cowboy hat and shaggy overalls.

Apparently some things never change...


Maine is channeling Santa Clause chic.

Despite the fact that this guy appears to be channeling a mix between David Letterman and Albus Dumbledore, he has gentrified his look for the future pairing his Santa-esque beard with what appears to be a university hoodie. Very futuristic, indeed.


Our Connecticut pal is certainly a ladykiller of the future.

We started swooning as soon as our futuristic Connecticut buddy appeared on our screens, mistaking him instantly for a character from the likes of Bridgerton.

Like our main man from Georgia, it doesn't look as though those residing in south New England are able to keep up with advancing technology, as he too channels colonial couture.

But bloody hell, this guy is a looker. Why couldn't I have been born 1,000 years later? And in Connecticut?


Our Illinois resident is stunning.

And when it comes to Illinois, AI appears to have been equally generous looks-wise.

Our resident of The Prairie State dons rich copper-toned tresses and has a bone-structure that most celebs could only dream of.

Angelina Jolie, eat your heart out.

But when it comes to Kansas, the future does not appear to favour The Sunflower State...


Our Kansas man is channelling Tom Hanks in Castaway.

Unfortunately, our Kansas man looks like he's been marooned on an uninhabited island following a brutal shipwreck, only to be found by explorers 30 years later.

The unruly sun-bleached hair, sweat soaked outfit and tan winkled skin really doesn't help his case.

He needs a three course meal and a gin and tonic!

Well, there you have it - don't be mad at us if you're offended. Blame AI!

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