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People are pointing out a big issue after seeing man wearing Apple Vision Pros on subway
Featured Image Credit: Reddit/ u/Cantomic66

People are pointing out a big issue after seeing man wearing Apple Vision Pros on subway

Their arguments are pretty valid

A guy has been spotted using his new Apple Vision Pros on the subway, and people have their concerns.

The new device - Apple's first in seven years - hit shelves in the US on Friday (February 2) and the tech powerhouse has reportedly already sold a whopping 200,000 headsets.

Priced at $3,499 each, that's an undeniably decent payday for Apple.

While many of us would be reluctant to flaunt a $3,499 product in public, some new Vision Pro customers have proudly been wearing their new devices while performing their usual everyday tasks - including taking the subway.

In a video doing the rounds on Reddit, a New Yorker is seen wearing his headset as he appears to be typing something on an imaginary keyboard.

The headset lets you control how immersed in the digital world you are, and on some settings you can be almost entirely unaware of your surroundings.

The Apple Vision Pro is the tech company's first new device in seven years.
The Apple Vision Pro projects apps onto your surroundings.

With this in mind, people have expressed concerns that it makes the wearer vulnerable to being mugged - especially as Apple's Vision Pros are so expensive.

"Would I wear a $3500 headset on a train? F**k no," one person penned.

Agreeing, a different Redditor replied: "Basically asking to get robbed."

"I'm surprised he hasn't been mugged for them yet," echoed another.

Someone else continued: "Would I take something [worth] $3500? No. Would I wear something worth $3500 that makes me blind to what happens around me, and to a potential robber that could just grab [the headset] and run away with it? You know the answer."

Redditors feared the guy would get mugged.
Reddit/ u/Cantomic66

While someone insisted that you're not actually 'blind' and that the device gives you a transparent view, another weighed in and said: "Not really transparent (for those who don't know).

"Cameras film what's in front of you and simulate it on the inside."

Apple's website further explains: "An outward display reveals your eyes while wearing Apple Vision Pro, letting others know when you are using apps or fully immersed.

"A singular piece of three-dimensionally formed laminated glass acts as an optical surface for the cameras and sensors that view the world."

The tech firm advises that you only use them outdoors if in a 'controlled environment'.

Maybe not one for the subway then...

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