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Apple Vision Pro headsets are already being resold for a massive profit
Featured Image Credit: Apple

Apple Vision Pro headsets are already being resold for a massive profit

Just hours after pre-orders went live, Apple Vision Pro headsets are being resold for a massive profit.

Apple's latest piece of tech is already being resold online for a massive profit, just hours after pre-orders went live.

While the Apple Vision Pro headset may upon first glance look like a pair of ski-goggles, it’s got a whole range of features to help you immerse yourself in virtual reality.

Announced at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference 2023 last June, CEO Tim Cook explained that the Vision Pro has a full 3D interface with the device being controlled by your hands, eyes and voice.

Though he joked that the device was ‘…the first Apple product you look through, and not at’.

You can also switch between augmented and full virtual reality by using a dial.

Apple finally announced a release date for the headset recently, with sales beginning in the US at Apple Stores and online from 2 February.

Pre-orders official opened on Friday - though such purchase comes with an extremely high price tag.

Apple say the Vision Pro will start at $3,499, a price-tag that prompted the audience to gasp at Apple’s WWDC23 event last year.

Pre-orders for the Apple Vision Pro went live on Friday.

Compare this to the $499 Meta Quest 3 - the leading VR headset from Facebook's parent company - there is quite the price difference.

Nonetheless, many flocked to purchase the headset on Friday, though resellers on eBay are already taking advantage of the pre-order sales.

The Vision Pro went live for pre-order at 5 am PT/8 am ET, and within an hour, some of them were already being listed on eBay.

In fact, the piece of tech was on sale with massive markups of over $1,000, with listings on the selling of for $4,250 and $4,500 plus shipping costs.

After eBay takes off all its fees, sellers are still looking at a juicy $1,000 profit with the headset.

The original price set by Apple was already enough for a lot of folks interested in the Vision Pro.

The headset doesn't come cheap.

Having heard the eye-watering price last year, one X user joked about the device’s ‘add-ons’ saying: “Is the snorkel included?”

Another, still in shock at the price, wrote: “Is that 34.99...”

However, some Apple devotees defended the headset’s cost, saying: “The first VHS players that came out would cost $3500 dollars in today's money. Yet people still managed to buy them in droves.”

Despite this, others were still unimpressed, with one user replying: “Even if that was correct, a vhs player could be enjoyed by multiple people at once. This is just for one user at a time.”

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