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Someone's finally found a way to destroy the Nokia 3310

Someone's finally found a way to destroy the Nokia 3310

The humble Nokia 3310 was the preferred model for tech fans across the globe after it was released in September 2000

The Nokia 3310 is a notoriously solid phone, leaving many of us wondering why we ever made the transition to those pesky Apple or Android smartphones, but surely it is destroyable, somehow?

The humble Nokia was the preferred model for tech fans across the globe after it was released in September 2000.

Compared to phones these days, it didn’t exactly do very much, but what it did do, it did very well indeed.

They were sturdy, too. While these days we’re forced to upgrade every five minutes due to dwindling battery power or cracked screens, the Nokia 3310 seemed invincible – so much so, that this is precisely what its legacy is on the internet.

But someone’s finally managed to find a way to destroy it... By lobbing it across the car park? Stamping on it a few times? Dropping it down the loo? No, this guy needs the big guns.

No phone since has ever come close.
Art Directors & TRIP/Alamy Stock Photo

A hydraulic press, to be precise.

A video of a 3310 being ‘crushed with hydraulic press’ was posted on Reddit this week, racking up almost 70,000 upvotes.

Amazingly, the little guy held it together for a short while before eventually succumbing to the brute strength pressing down on it.

Mind you, many Redditors refused to believe what they had seen, with one writing: “Must be fake, no press would survive that.”

Someone else joked: “Don't worry it still works.”

Many others took the opportunity to pay tribute to trusty Nokias of their own past.

One said: “It’s the best phone I ever had. Never had to worry about a thing. Still got mine in my drawer.”

It took the brute strength of a hydraulic press to break it.

Someone else wrote: “I once got attacked by someone randomly in the street, 20+ years back. I fought back and we went to the floor. They stuck their thumb in my eye, I've never been so scared, I thought I was going to be blinded. Had my 3310 in my hand and hammered it on their head frantically.

“They let go of me, my friends fought them off. That phone saved my eyesight and still worked fine afterwards, no sign of damage. I did have to clean some hair, blood and gore off it after though.

“Best phone ever. I still have no idea why they attacked me. My 3310 made them regret it.”

Another shared an amusing anecdote about their colleague’s mobile, recalling: “I've been on a worksite where a guy dropped his Nokia in a puddle that was run over by an excavator (20-30 metric tonnes) consecutive times for a few hours before he realised he lost it. He found it in perfect working order.”

One also added: “I had a coworker that threw his on the ground, it would pop into 4 pieces, and he'd just piece it back together before making a call. It was his favorite party trick. I miss my old Nokia."

Featured Image Credit: Reddit/Markus Mattila/Alamy Stock Photo

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