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New 'game changing' battery charges in 3 minutes and lasts 20 years

New 'game changing' battery charges in 3 minutes and lasts 20 years

A new battery is set to charge vehicles in just 3 minutes and lasts 20 years.

If you thought your phone battery was s***, prepare to be proved right because this battery made by Adden Energy is a 'game changer.'

Adden Energy was founded in 2021 by Harvard Researchers Xin Li, William Fitzhugh, Luhan Ye, and Fred Hu.

The battery charges in just three minutes.
Kiyoshi Takahase Segundo / Alamy Stock Photo

The start-up secured an impressive $5.15 million seed funding that it put towards developing batteries for use in electric vehicles.

A coin-sized lab prototype of the battery charges in just three minutes, with more than 10,000 cycles in a lifetime.

It's also made of solid state materials, which stamps out the safety concerns associated with lithium batteries and can 'sustain high performance over a long lifetime'.

The new battery could change the game.
Quality Stock / gstock / Alamy

Using the funding secured, the company is looking to scale up in the coming years, first creating a palm-sized battery and then a full-size battery for vehicle use.

Co-founder Li and scientific advisor Lee said of the incredible battery: "If you want to electrify vehicles, a solid-state battery is the way to go."

He also outlined the company's trajectory: "We set out to commercialize this technology because we do see our technology as unique compared to other solid-state batteries. We have achieved in the lab 5,000 to 10,000 charge cycles in a battery’s lifetime, compared with 2,000 to 3,000 charging cycles for even the best in class now, and we don’t see any fundamental limit to scaling up our battery technology. That could be a game changer."

Would you switch to an electric car if it could charge that quickly?
Jeffrey Blackler / Alamy Stock Photo

If successful, the new battery could help reduce the amount of harmful CO2 emissions in the atmosphere with Fitzhugh explaining that: "Complete electrification of the vehicle fleet is one of the most meaningful steps we can take to fight climate change.

"However, broad adoption of electric vehicles requires batteries that can meet a diverse set of consumer needs. For example, 37 percent of Americans don’t have garages at home, so at-home overnight charging is not possible."

So, Adden Energy came up with a solution, with Fitzhugh going on to say "In order to electrify this segment, EVs need to recharge at comparable times to internal combustion vehicles, essentially in the time you’d currently spend at the gas pump."

And given that the battery could 'sustain 20 years of operation,' with a three-minute charging time, it might do just that.

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Featured Image Credit: Quality Stock / gstock / Alamy

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