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Hogwarts Legacy players are trying to become animagi
Featured Image Credit: Portkey games

Hogwarts Legacy players are trying to become animagi

Fans of Hogwarts Legacy have been working out which magic spells they're able to learn in the game

Hogwarts Legacy players have been having all sorts of magical fun working out exactly what they can and can't conjure up as they roam around the Wizarding World.

While some managed to get their hands on it early, Harry Potter spin-off game Hogwarts Legacy was officially released yesterday (10 February) and players have been testing the limits of their magical abilities.

They've already figured out that Ravenclaw is the worst house to be sorted into (sorry Ravenclaws) and that delving into the devious secrets of dark magic is entirely possible - as is learning the killing curse Avada Kedavra.

Players have also worked out that switching off the user interface is a great way to boost the immersion and make you feel like you're really at Hogwarts.

Set in the 1800s, some Harry Potter fans have even noticed a few flaws and elements which stick out a little bit too much in the time setting.

Hogwarts Legacy has now been released.
Warner Bros Games

One of the magical mysteries players have been trying to uncover is whether your witch or wizard can become an animagus or not.

For those who haven't read Harry Potter in a while, an animagus - or animagi to give them their plural name - is a magic user who has learned how to transform themselves into an animal.

Hogwarts students learn about it in their third year Transfiguration classes, which was convenient for Harry Potter as it was right about the time animagi became relevant to the plot.

In Prisoner of Azkaban it was revealed that Harry's father James was an animagus along with his friends and fellow Marauders Sirius Black and Peter Pettigrew so they could keep Remus Lupin company when he transformed into a werewolf, as they only harmed humans.

Wizards don't get to choose which animal form they take, they become one which best suits their personality, and the animagi need to be officially registered with the Ministry of Magic.

On top of that actually becoming one takes quite a bit of work, with the witch or wizard having to hold a mandrake leaf in their mouth for a whole month while reciting a spell every day and then drink a potion containing the leaf.

Hogwarts Legacy players want to know if they can become an animagus or not.
Warner Bros Games

Since it's a magical talent that can be learned and isn't dependent upon being born with an innate talent for it anyone can become an animagus, but Hogwarts Legacy players want to know if they too can transform.

Given the complicated and time consuming method behind learning the ways of the animagi it'd be difficult to achieve so soon after the game was released but that hasn't stopped plenty of players from trying.

Sadly the answer to that particular question appears to be no, you can't actually become an animagus, though there is one in the game for players to meet.

Perhaps later on it'll get added in if enough of you complain about it.

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