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Learning the killing spell Avada Kedavra in Hogwarts Legacy has some serious consequences

Learning the killing spell Avada Kedavra in Hogwarts Legacy has some serious consequences

Hogwarts Legacy has been released on some platforms, with fans already practising the Dark Arts in the highly anticipated Harry Potter game.

After Hogwarts Legacy's recent release, fans are just beginning to learn some of the game’s secrets - including what happens when you cast the killing spell Avada Kedavra.

The deluxe edition is now available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and PC, with Potterheads clamouring to explore the Wizarding World.

While most are eager to fly on Buckbeak’s back or visit Hogsmeade, some fans have already uncovered the darker side of the game – including the killing curse.

Whispered by Potter fans across the world, the spell is one of three Unforgivable Curses and has dire consequence for gamers – much like in the beloved books.

Sadly though, using the curse won’t land your character in the gaming version of Azkaban.

Nor will you have to maim your soul in order to cast the curse and won’t be punished for using the spell, but it doesn’t mean it’s entirely risk free.

Hogwarts Legacy is already available on PC.
Rokas Tenys / Alamy Stock Photo

Instead, players will have to put themselves in serious peril in order to learn the unforgivable curse.

For those keen on learning the Dark Arts, they must first join a class alongside Slytherin house’s Sebastian Sallow and from there, your quest begins.

You’ll learn more about his mysterious family and even battle him in an underground duelling ring near the Forbidden Forest.

With plenty of additional side quests, it’s a great way of exploring how much the game has to offer fans - including a visit to the cave of Inferi from The Half-Blood Prince.

Once players have seen off swathes of the eerie re-animated corpses and handled a boss duel, they will be taught the killing curse.

Players will have to partner up with Slytherin students to gain the curse.
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However, players will have need to have reached level 28 before beginning on the dark path, so ‘The Shadow of the Relic’ quest might need to be completed after the main game has finished.

From there on in, players are encouraged to go as ‘dark as they like’ according to developer and writer Moira Squier.

“As for consequences, let’s just say that the choices the player makes with regard to Dark Magic earlier in the game will impact the choices available to them later in the game. As in life, choices have consequences,” she told GAMINGbible.

If you don’t fancy giving Voldemort a run for his money however, there is the option to explore other parts of Hogwarts and the surrounding area.

Potter fans will also be able to visit Hogsmeade.
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Here you’ll meet the Wizarding World’s first ever trans character Sirona Ryan.

The character appears as an NPC at the Three Broomsticks pub and even discusses their gender identity in the game.

While some fans have been excited by the inclusion of more diverse characters, others have called for a boycott of the game after author JK Rowling’s controversial tweets.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros Games

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