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Fans concerned for Dream as he displays injuries after saying he fell out of bed

Fans concerned for Dream as he displays injuries after saying he fell out of bed

Popular YouTuber Dream had fans worried after he posted pictures of himself injured.

Fans of popular Minecraft YouTuber Dream were left worried after he posted a set of pictures showing off a set of painful injuries.

Some of us might have woken up at some point in our lives with the odd unexplained bruise, though few could compare night-time injuries to the ones YouTuber Dream picked up while asleep.

Posting on Snapchat, the Minecraft YouTuber showed photos of some nasty looking injuries and said he reckons he got them falling out of bed while asleep.

The popular YouTuber, who has more than 30 million followers, recently revealed his face to his fans after covering it up with a smiley mask for so long.

Dream usually wears a smiley mask to conceal his identity.

His popularity has shot up since then, picking up more than a million new fans since showing off what he actually looks like.

While he's put aside his famous smiley mask for a little while, he might have to wear an eyepatch for a bit instead.

Explaining his injuries in more detail later, Dream said he woke up to discover his face pouring with blood and left trying to work out what had been the cause.

He said: "I was sleeping, I wake up hands in my head with blood all over my hands. I think I cracked my skull open.

"I'm sitting there like 'oh my god what happened', blood dripping on my hand, I got a towel and put it up against my face trying to figure out what happened.

"I end up realising I think I fell off the bed, hit my head on the side table. It knocked me out because I ragdolled and I f***ing scraped my knee and my shoulder against the side and now I have rugburns all over and bruises."

He later posted further pictures of himself with a patch over his eye to Instagram, captioned 'outside for a few days and I’m already in an eye patch… don’t ask'.

Fans were left hugely concerned for his wellbeing after he posted the pictures of his wounds, with plenty worried and many more mystified at how he'd managed to pick up such injuries while asleep.

One person urged Dream to 'please stay safe smh' while another recommended he 'bubble wrap yourself when you go to sleep' since he'd managed to do some serious damage to himself while not even awake.

Others joked that the YouTuber could finally pretend to be a pirate now he'd got a genuine eyepatch, with enough people chipping in to get 'pirate Dream' trending on Twitter.

A few more were completely stumped as to how he could have hurt himself so badly while asleep, with a few joking he must have been 'fighting demons in his sleep' while another said looked like he'd 'got in a fight with Casper the angry ghost'.

If nothing else the injuries are a sign he at least doesn't sleep with his iconic mask on, although maybe he could from now on.

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Featured Image Credit: Dream Dream/TikTok/Dream/YouTube

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