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Blockbuster trolls Netflix for its password sharing crackdown

Blockbuster trolls Netflix for its password sharing crackdown

The defunct rental store has come out of retirement, at least online, with Blockbuster hilariously roasting Netflix's password policy

As Netflix begins its crackdown on password sharing, the internet has been understandably upset.

It’s not the streaming giant’s users who are venting their frustration, though, with brands like Prime Video also taking aim at Netflix’s new policy.

Even the defunct video rental store Blockbuster came out of retirement just to poke fun at the platform on Twitter.

Prime Video wasted no time roasting Netflix's password policy.

The corporate trolling stems back to a tweet that was first shared by Netflix back in 2017.

Rather ironically, it read ‘Love is sharing’ with many using the previous post to rib the streaming giant.

This included Prime Video, who retweeted the post alongside a hilarious video of their login screen as they poked fun at the streaming giant on 25 May.

In addition to the usual ‘Who’s watching’ title, the usernames spelt out ‘Everyone Who Has Our Password’ followed by a heart emoji.

Understandably, the catty advertising campaign has broken the internet, with the Prime Video tweet being seen by over 44 million users.

It’s also been retweeted over 92,7000 times as Twitter users and brands respond to the comment – including the defunct video rental store Blockbuster.

While it may have been known for its slogan ‘be kind, reward’, the store had few nice things to say about Netflix as it came out of retirement.

Despite being defunct since 2016, Blockbuster also trolled the streaming giant.

Despite the UK branches being closed over seven years ago, in 2016, the store’s unofficial account decided it was time to comment on Netflix's new password-sharing policy.

Tagging the streaming site, Blockbuster pointedly wrote: “A friendly reminder that when you used to rent videos from us. We didn’t care who you shared it with… As long as you returned it on time. @netflix.” (ouch)

The savage response has gone down a storm with movie fans, going viral alongside Prime Video’s tweet, with over 18 million views.

Movie lovers have also been responding to Blockbuster’s mic drop of a post, with many calling for the store to make a comeback.

One former user wrote: “We miss, come back to us please.”

Others agreed, with some users saying that missed being able to rent games from the store as well – especially with the rising cost of recent releases.

“I miss renting games. I think you guys could still profit from that. I hate buying my kids games...just to not like it or play it. Renting was so much better to see if you like the game enough to buy,” wrote one user as they tagged Blockbuster.

Meanwhile, other comments made reference to classic films as they remembered the nostalgic store.

Another comment even read: “I miss those days! Can we fire up the DeLorean and go back to a better time.”

Can we join too?

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