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Amazon Prime lashes out at Netflix for its password sharing crackdown

Amazon Prime lashes out at Netflix for its password sharing crackdown

The official Amazon Prime Twitter account made a not-so-subtle dig at Netflix after the latter rolled out its password sharing restrictions.

The official Amazon Prime UK Twitter account made a not-so-subtle dig at Netflix as the streaming service that is home to shows like Bridgerton and Squid Game launched its password sharing restrictions.

The day countless Netflix freeloaders were dreading finally came this week after the streaming giant slammed down its mighty fists on people watching its content by sponging off someone else’s account.

The crackdown began in Latin America, before impacting Portugal and Spain, and after months of warning, viewers in the US and UK are no longer off the hook.

Netflix has put an end to password sharing.

If an account holder is suspected of sharing their password with people who don't live in their immediate household, they'll receive an email.

The email warns the account holder to change their details if they aren't aware others were using their account, 'transfer a profile' to a new membership or 'buy an extra member' for an extra $7.99 a month.

Much to the dismay of all the siblings, pals and exes, the golden days of multiple TV and film lovers being able to have a good old-fashioned Netflix and chill on the same account are gone forever.

Amazon Prime Video lashed out at Netflix.

Countless people on social media have expressed their sadness about Netflix’s crack down and amid all the turmoil, competitors Amazon Prime Video UK have been caught poking fun at their rival in a savage tweet.

Back in March 2017, the official Netflix Twitter account shared a tweet it probably regrets, which said: “Love is sharing a password.”

Amazon Prime Video quote-tweeted the old Netflix tweet with an edited version of its profile interface. The ‘who’s watching?’ prompt is at the top of the picture as always but instead of having names underneath each profile, there’s a message directed at Netflix that reads: “Everyone who has our password,” with a love heart emoji under the sixth profile.


As we wait to see if Netflix hits back, social media users are losing it over the shots being thrown by Amazon Prime.

“Amazon clapped Netflix so damn hard lol,” one Twitter user replied to Amazon Prime Video’s tweet.

“RIP Netflix,” someone else tweeted.

A third social media user declared: “Damn whoever manages this account is a savage for this hahahaha.”

While a fourth penned: “Damn y’all clapped back. I love it!”

A fifth reacted with: “OMG, the shade.”

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