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AI creates 'average person' in every single US state and massively divides opinion
Featured Image Credit: Reddit/ThrowRAConsistent

AI creates 'average person' in every single US state and massively divides opinion

It turns out people aren't huge fans of being stereotyped by AI

The average person according to each American state has been created by an AI and we can already tell some parts of the US have been done dirty.

This isn't the first time people have tasked AI with creating the average person from a bunch of states but this time there's all of them and, if we're being honest, some of them are really weird.

Take a look:

You get quite a few that you'd expect to see, the Texas AI generated person is yet again a cowboy and there's more than a few of those in the mix as you'd expect from the US.

However, some of the pictures are pretty strange, California is nine pictures of women while Arkansas looks like he's from some strange, corporate finance meme.

AI doesn't half churn out some weird results when you ask it to make you a picture, so while it can create all these images it really drops the ball from time to time.

Mr Hawaii seems like a pretty chill dude.

While some states have pretty standard features for their stereotypical AI generated representative, there are many others which have got to make you wonder what on earth the bit of technology was thinking.

For some reason the AI thinks that the average person from Kansas is some kind of corn hoarding monster.

This actually had Iowans complaining that their mantle of 'The Corn State' had been robbed from them by Kansas, if there's going to be any personification of a US state that's a corn monster it's going to be Iowa, damnit!

Kansasians, please confirm you're not freaky corn monsters.

Poor old Florida really gets the short end of the stick here, with the AI throwing up some kind of creepy lizard Gollum thing in what looks like a denim shirt.

The only stylish thing about Florida Man is that hat, and we'd all be much better off if he wore it over his face instead of on top of his head.

He does look like he could be the Kansas Corn Monster's distant relative, insofar as they have a habit of standing around and looking incredibly creepy.

Meet the mythical Florida Man you keep hearing so much about.

Something which helped really distinguish what was AI was the pictures which had text overlaid on them as it was essentially gibberish which didn't help at all.

This is one of the pitfalls with AI, you can make it make a thing that looks like a lot of the other things but actually getting it to understand what it's doing is another matter entirely.

There was a general consensus that while many states had been done dirty, Utah had managed to come off pretty well out of the deal and there were quite a few interested in meeting Mr Utah.

I don't mean to alarm you Delaware, but there's something on your back.

West Virginia was another one people dubbed 'spot on' while others pointed out that the AI didn't seem to do a great job of representing women in this picture generation deal.

Nine California girls in one picture were really carrying the team as Arizona, Alaska, Nevada and Colorado were the only ones to feature women.

Of course Iowa could have a woman under there because who knows what was supposed to be underneath that mask?

At least this time Mr Maine isn't wearing a decorative lobster.

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