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AI creates what 'average driver' looks like for each car brand and leaves drivers fuming
Featured Image Credit: Reddit/midjourney

AI creates what 'average driver' looks like for each car brand and leaves drivers fuming

Some motorists are not feeling very flattered by their AI depictions

Someone's tasked an AI with creating the 'average' driver for a particular set of cars and there are plenty who don't like what's been depicted.

Right now it seems like AI is the internet's favourite toy and people have been using it to create pictures of what a computer thinks stereotypical people are.

Someone's taken to Reddit and made merry with generating AI images of the 'average' person from each country and each US state, often to the dismay of people from those countries and states.

Now AI image generation has been unleashed upon drivers as someone's fed a bunch of car names into a program and come out with a whole load of pictures on the other side.

The average Mini driver is apparently an old man who's really into the colour orange.

Of course some of these pictures suffer from the same problems that AI has always had in generating images, some bits just don't look real.

Take the above image of the supposedly 'average' Mini driver and try to look past how garishly orange everything is, his left hand looks inhumanly gnarled and his tie is done up over his collar.

Why is the Toyota Prius pink and fluffy?

Then there's this AI depiction of the average Toyota Prius driver standing next to her car, both of which are covered in far too much pink fluff.

Quite what the AI was thinking when it decided to create a Prius with two patches of fuzzy pink hair on top is anyone's guess, while the driver is wearing what appears to be a fluffy pink dressing gown and matching hat.

Mr Rolls Royce looks like some guy who tries to convince you his wealth doesn't come from his parents.

The AI program has even stuck the cars in their apparently natural habitat, with people thinking Mr Rolls Royce is 'so sick' he's blocking the traffic for his vanity shot.

Some reckon these pictures are pretty spot-on, but other drivers have argued that the AI has got it badly wrong.

One of the more controversial AI images was of the Ford F150.

The AI generated image of the 'average' driver of a Ford F-150 is somewhere between wannabe cowboy and a flyover state serial killer, though lots reckon that the real Ford crowd are 'suburbanites who haven't seen a dirt road ever'.

Luckily, the AI seemed to nail the theme a little better for some other larger vehicles, with Mr Mercedes G-Class being the type of person who would travel to Dubai and spend the entire time posing for Instagram pictures.

That thing hasn't got a speck of dust on it, the AI got it spot on this time.

He'd probably have a lot to talk about with Mr Hummer, who has very much pimped their ride into a gaudy and garish gas-guzzling gargantuan.

Their conversation would be very boring for anyone not into cars far larger than they need to be, but at least they'd have fun.

They got Mr Hummer down to a tee.

While the AI has generated a person for each car, some of them are committing unforgivable crimes against fashion.

Mr Tesla appears to have fashioned a leopard-print carpet into a coat, though nothing is going to distract from that awful choice of moustache.

How can AI so perfectly capture the pretentious air of someone who worships Elon Musk on Twitter but not get hands?

While AI has made some great improvements in recent months, it still can't quite crack some of the more crucial details about the human anatomy.

It also seems to have an affection for certain colour schemes, with a particular love of orange.

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