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People baffled by name of Republican politician who won in election

People baffled by name of Republican politician who won in election

A Republican politician who was elected to be Alabama's state treasurer has an incredibly weird name.

A Republican politician who was just elected to a post has left people absolutely baffled by his name.

While some people are concentrating on the seemingly really important stuff like the US midterm elections, what's truly crucial is the election for Alabama state treasurer.

We can talk about how the Republican 'red wave' largely failed to materialise, or how the US congress now has its first Generation Z politician, but the Alabama state treasurer is where it's really at.

This might not seem like a really crucial thing to focus on, but it's because the Republican politician elected to the post has got a very strange name that's left people utterly baffled.

Some people have really strange names, this politician has one of the oddest, and his father and grandfather were called it too.

Since we've kept you on tenterhooks this far it seems only fair to actually tell you the name of the politician, it's Young Boozer.

More specifically, it's Young Jacob Boozer III, named for his father Young Boozer, who in turn was named after his own father Young Boozer.

That's right, three successive generations of the family thought 'Young Boozer' was the absolute best name a person could have.

People are going crazy upon learning his name, with one person calling it 'the highlight of the US elections so far' and another left wondering 'are Americans even real' and 'the USA can't be a real place' when they've got names like Young Boozer.

Someone else suggested that they should get Young Boozer in a room with a Dutch politician called Tiny Kox and to top it all off they could 'even invite former Idaho governor Butch Otter'.

Others chipped in with jokes riffing on his name, saying the real Young Boozer was 'me when I first took my little brother to the pub at 15', or 'me at my 17th birthday when I had too many ciders'.

This man is named Young Boozer, like his father before him, and his father before him.

With a name like that you can bet Boozer has had to talk about it a few times.

He revealed to AL that he owes the name to his great-grandparents, who kicked off the tradition by naming his grandfather the first Young Boozer.

Boozer explained that his great-grandfather married someone with the family name 'Young', so when it came time to name their son they combined the names into Young Boozer.

The first Young Boozer named his son the same thing, and he thought it was such a great name that he passed it down to the Young Boozer of today.

There was one major downside to having such a memorable name and running to be a politician, people kept stealing his campaign signs.

Let's face it, you would nick a sign that said 'Young Boozer', wouldn't you?

Featured Image Credit: Twitter / PBH Images / Alamy Stock Photo

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