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WWE star Lacey Evans criticized for snubbing young fan ringside

WWE star Lacey Evans criticized for snubbing young fan ringside

The WWE star returned to the ring with a new look this week

A WWE star has been called out after she snubbed a fan at a recent show.

Lacey Evans was in action last night (27 January) for Friday's edition of Smackdown.

The 32-year-old entered the ring, showing off her new look, with her character now embracing a military theme.

In the build up to her return, Evans had shared a number of videos of her undergoing some military training.

But she has since been called out after she was seen ignoring one young supporter in the crowd.

Lacey Evans went to give the fan a high five.

As she made her big entrance, heading down the ramp towards the ring, Evans went over to fans stood behind a set of railings.

At one point, one young supporter is seen putting his hand out for a high five.

But rather than slap his hand, as you would have expected, Evans snatched hers away at the last second and moved on.

The incident did not go down well with some fans watching back at home, who were disgusted by her actions.

"So, just to be clear: We hate Lacey Evans more than we already did, right?" said one viewer.

Another commented: "You’ve gotta be kidding me."

"Just a reminder that Lacey Evans isn’t just playing the 'bad guy' role," put a third.

But she quickly pulled her hand away.

"She is actually despicable. She truly is just a horrendous person who shouldn’t be employed by the company. I said what I said."

While another disappointed fan added: "... Lacey Evans should be embarrassed. She knows what she did when she saw that kid."

Not everyone was so upset with the divisive wrestler, though.

Some argued that she was just staying in character and treating the young fan like anyone else.

One user said: "Y’all are overreacting to this Lacey Evans thing. She did what a heel should.

Some claimed the stunt was just part of Evans' character.

"If it was MJF y’all would be going crazy in a good way over it. And I’m not like her biggest fan or anything but c'mon man."

Another wrote: "Why would she break character?? Look, I am no fan of hers whatsoever but she wasn’t wrong with what she did. If it’s a house show yeah OK maybe break it but not on TV."

"This kid was happy to be a part of the Superstar interaction," claimed a third.

"He clearly smiled after she walked away and now people try to push some agenda that she's a terrible person for doing heel things. This kid was fine with it, so why people feel entitled to judge the situation?"

UNILAD has contacted WWE for a comment.

Featured Image Credit: @wwe

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