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Logan Paul says he can't watch most of his old content

Logan Paul says he can't watch most of his old content

Logan Paul can't watch his old stuff, but he and brother Jake Paul have come a long way since their early YouTube days

Logan Paul can’t watch videos that he himself posted before 2018, and explained why he doesn’t post on YouTube very much anymore. It's far from the first time he's made statements like this too, as you can see from the video below.

Obviously, the Paul Brothers have diversified their interests in the years since they first came to prominence on YouTube.

Jake has made a living out of boxing and promoting, boasting an unbeaten record – although he hasn’t actually taken on a professional boxer yet.

In the meantime, his brother Logan has also boxed, but also hosts a particularly popular podcast called Impaulsive and even managed to find the time to dabble in professional wrestling as well.

Whether you like them or not, it’s remarkable how far they’ve come from the lads who used to do silly things on YouTube for a living, including – in Logan’s case – generating a huge amount of controversy by filming someone who had committed suicide in a famous forest in Japan.

However, the pair have drifted ever further and further away from the platform that made them so famous in the first place in recent times, with both spending a long time without sharing anything on their channels that boast millions upon millions of followers.

Both Logan and Jake Paul have come a long way from their early careers.
MediaPunch Inc/Alamy

The simple thing to say would be that they’ve both grown up a bit, but anyone who knows the Pauls would probably agree that’s not totally the case.

They still retain a lot of the qualities that attracted young people to them online in the early days.

Speaking earlier in the year on Ariel Helwani’s MMA Hour YouTube show, the elder Paul brother explained his lengthy absences from YouTube, as well as talking about how he feels watching back on some of the stuff he produced in his formative years.

Logan was asked: “Why don't you post on YouTube as much?

“I mean, your podcast is always up, it used to go every day now you're going like eight months and it feels like it's getting longer and longer.

“Why is that?”

Logan responded: “A lot of writers experience creative burnout, myself included.

“I realised why it happens.

“I was tired of pretending to be someone else – it’s exhausting.”

He then launched into a version of his YouTube intro, starting ‘hey guys! What is up?’ before cutting short and saying: “Shut the f*** up – that’s not me, dude.

“That’s not me dude, this is me.

“The podcast is me – I could do that podcast forever.”

Logan Paul back in 2015.
DPA Picture Alliance/Alamy

He later added: “I cannot watch content pre-2018 for me.

“I think it’s a childish version of myself.

“I actually cannot believe it’s the same person.”

Well, as we all grow we come upon these realisations, just most of us haven’t had multiple millions of people see what we were like at that age.

In the end though, it’s turned out pretty well for both Paul brothers, and they have those early years to thank for the careers that they enjoy today, regardless of how embarrassing they might find it.

Featured Image Credit: Logan Paul/Instagram/Logan Paul/YouTube

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