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WWE Fans Can't Believe How Good Logan Paul Is At Wrestling

WWE Fans Can't Believe How Good Logan Paul Is At Wrestling

Fans are shocked

WWE fans have been left stunned after watching Logan Paul step into the wrestling ring.

Fans of the YouTube-turned-wrestling star were left shocked after Logan managed to beat The Miz in a match at Summerslam in Nashville, Tennessee on Saturday night (30 July).

The match signified Logan's first solo fight in WWE after signing a contract with World Wrestling Entertainment in June.

Previously, the wrestler took part in a tag team match with the Miz against Rey Mysterio and son Dominik at Wrestlemania.

Following the Mania match, the tag team split up, with the Miz deciding to go head-to-head with Paul following the finish of the match.

Now, Paul's fans are deeply impressed with his wrestling skills, having taken to Twitter to comment beneath a video of his greatest moments during the fight.

One of the Sidemen, Josh Zerker commented: "Bro you look nuts!"

"Dare anyone watching this to try do a standing backflip in their back garden . Unreal what Logan is doing," one fan gushed, while another wrote: "A natural. RIP Eddie Guerrero!"

"The dives mannn," a different fan added. "For such an early career in the WWE you’re already lookin so good. Only up from here."

Another person said: "Brilliant performance. Already better than alot of the wrestlers. Now dethrone RoMickey."

The 27-year-old made his WWE debut with an appearance at WrestleMania 37 in 2021, only to then enter the ring at the 38th event earlier in the year.

Having sealed the deal with the sports entertainment giant, he previously shared photos of his visit to the firm's headquarters alongside Stephanie McMahon and Triple H, and said: "Just signed with WWE."

Logan Paul has had it in for the Miz for quite some time.

In a previous video announcing the contract, he said: "So look, I've just signed my contract - it is a big deal. But after all, it is my contract, so I'm going to make a little addition here."

He told the others to look away as he writes on the paper before revealing the message, 'I'm coming 4 u @Miz', to which he adds: "Yeah, you read that right, assuming you can read."

The YouTuber's announcement was previously met with an enthusiastic response from fans, with one writing: "Congrats, the Mania performance blew my expectations so can’t wait for what’s in store for the future!"

Another said: "Looks like I’m about to start watching the WWE again."

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