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Researcher has incredible evidence files surrounding world's 'first' UFO crash
Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Adnkronos

Researcher has incredible evidence files surrounding world's 'first' UFO crash

A man claims he's got evidence of the first ever UFO crash

A man is claiming that he's got evidence of the first UFO crash in the world and says aliens first arrived on Earth in Italy, not the US.

When you think of aliens landing on Earth your mind would probably go to little green men crawling out of the wreckage at Roswell before being stashed away in Area 51.

There's a whole planet for aliens to hit and they just happen to crash into the US? Statistically that seems unlikely but according to an Italian researcher his own country is the real home of the first UFO crash.

Roberto Pinotti told the Daily Mail he started researching the alleged UFO crash in 1930s Italy in 1996, and years later he was anonymously sent some documents which appeared to show attempts from the time to cover up the incident.

Telegrams which were supposedly set at the time fascist dictator Benito Mussolini was running Italy appeared to demand 'absolute silence' on the matter of the 'unknown aircraft'.

"We have come for your world's supply of spaghetti."

This UFO supposedly crashed down to Earth near Milan in 1933 and Pinotti claims the documents he was anonymously posted also show that a research team was set up to study the flying saucer.

He alleges that the group was called RS/33 and was headed up by Guglielmo Marconi, the inventor of the radio who was an ally of Mussolini's fascist regime.

Apparently this UFO was stored in a hangar near Milan until the Allies conquered Italy during the Second World War as American troops supposedly seized the flying saucer and had it shipped back to the US.

If you believe this all happened then it'd be the first UFO crash landing we know of in the world, and happened 14 years before the Roswell incident where a flying saucer was supposedly recovered from New Mexico.

Someone who claims this is real is David Charles Grusch, a former member of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency and National Reconnaissance Office, who claims the US government has a craft of 'non-human origin'.

Cattle rustling and crop circles in the US? Nah, flying saucers were all about Italy.
Dale O'Dell / Alamy Stock Photo

Of course there have been all sorts of sightings of UFOs, often near airports and very often in and around the US.

A former NASA astronaut believes it's very likely that aliens are out there but said if they did show up then we'd probably get quite a clear look at their spacecraft as it would partially burn up when entering our atmosphere.

Other experts have suggested that if aliens are out there then we aren't ready to meet them (harsh but fair) or that any species advanced enough to reach us would have wiped themselves out before they made it.

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