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Footage captured of UFO in Las Vegas backyard shows creepy figures lurking in darkness
Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@corrymarilyns

Footage captured of UFO in Las Vegas backyard shows creepy figures lurking in darkness

The footage comes after recent 'sightings' of aliens in Las Vegas

Whenever there's a new reported sighting of aliens or UFOs, one question is always right at the front of my mind.

It seems in 2023 we can scarcely go a month without Apple releasing a new iPhone or a new model of Android arriving. The companies boast of the quality of images and videos that their handheld and readily available devices can capture.

You can see where I'm going with this.

So how is it that every time there's a new UFO video, it always looks like it was filmed on a lens strapped to a potato filmed by someone whose hands are so shaky you'd think they'd turned up to a skiing holiday dressed for Hawaii?

Call me sceptical, but something isn't adding up here.

Well, the latest 'sighting' of a UFO in Las Vegas falls squarely into the potato-camera category, with footage showing 'shadowy figures' lurking somewhere in the shot.

The video is the latest update on a series of UFO sightings in Las Vegas, with one sighting around the incident even involving police officers.

This latest video shows a group of people nervous as they look into a backyard behind a house, with the camera zooming in on a forklift truck which has shadowy figures lurking inside... apparently.

It's a bit of a stretch to be honest, no matter how hard you squint. Or maybe I just need new glasses.

Nonetheless, the video could offer fresh insight into the spate of encounters and sightings that Vegas has recently seen.

A closer look at the figures lurking.
TikTok / corrymarilyns

Police body cam footage emerged last week showing lights hovering in the sky before plummeting to the ground in a suspected UFO crash landing sighting.

Officers carried out an extensive search following reports of the mysterious figures, with no new evidence being uncovered.

However, an eyewitness to this suspected crash landing spoke out recently and claimed they witnessed the whole thing, and even stumbled across an extraterrestrial.

"My brother told me to look behind the forklift, and I did. I saw the alien creature. So when I saw it, it was a tall skinny lengthy creature," the YouTuber explained.

"He was a grey greenish colour, and when I looked it in the eyes, my body just froze. Bear in mind, I'm looking at his whole body. He has weird looking feet and a big face and eyes."

Footage of a UFO seemingly crash landing has started this whole alien craze in Las Vegas.
8 News

Of course, there are numerous theories about the existence of alien life. Many people believe that the universe is simply too big for us to be alone, no matter how unlikely life is to develop.

One theory about why we haven't encountered aliens is that we are being snubbed by the galactic community, either because we're too stupid, or too nasty. Harsh.

Another interesting idea is that intelligent life has evolved several times in the universe. However, the lifespan of an intelligent civilisation compared to the universe as a whole is so relatively short that intelligent civilisations have never coexisted, as one goes extinct before another emerges.

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