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Explorer makes horrifying discovery down 300-year-old well

Explorer makes horrifying discovery down 300-year-old well

There's no amount of money you could pay me to go down that well.

A YouTuber's daring exploration down a 'creepy' well left everyone saying the same thing.

There's wanting to try a new item of food, visit a new country you've never travelled to before or going to live somewhere you've not been to, but risking your life exploring 'creepy' places?

I'm alright thanks.

One YouTuber however, found himself an old well and decided what better idea then to pop on down 20 feet underground and have a look around.

Content creator Beau Ouimette - who goes by Aquachigger on YouTube - took to his page back in February 2017 to share footage of his expedition down a well.

The explorer explained he was at 'a really old house site' and the landowner told him that the well on the property was 'no ordinary well', but 'an old hand-dug well' which likely dates all the way back to 1700.

In the video, Beau estimates the well is 'about 15 or 20 feet deep' and currently dry which means he can go down and have a look around - rather him than me I say - oh and apparently there were 'a lot of loose rocks' to navigate too.


How enticing...
YouTube/ Aquachigger

In the clip, Beau shows followers a view down the well, a ladder propped up inside, although past around the tenth rung there's nothing to see but darkness.

And then off he goes, slowly making his way down with a torch and hard hat on, noting the well appears to be on 'some sort of timbers' which he comments on as 'odd'.

Unfortunately for Beau, that isn't the most surprising thing he encountered during his trip down the well.

The ladder was 'shaky' and 'slippery' as he descended, but that proved to be very much only the beginning of the explorer's problems.

Beau quickly realised he wasn't alone in the well.
YouTube/ Aquachigger

In the footage, Beau can be heard saying: "I hope there's no snakes down here. I guess they could get out."

Alas, he's spoken too soon, as a few rungs later and he quickly spots some snakes including a serpent.

"I'm probably surrounded by snakes," he adds. "They're going to be dropping down on my head."

Despite this, he carries on and obviously there's even more snakes yet to come - the serpent now slithering in the background, another 'little tiny one' to follow and a third 'coming out to visit' the explorer.

"They're everywhere," he resolves.

And viewers of the video all took to the comments section - with many saying the same thing.

One YouTube user said: "Would have noped out of there when I saw the first snake let a lone all of them."

"As soon as I saw those snakes, I would have been back up that ladder fast as lighting," another added.

A third commented: "You stayed down there longer than I would have."

"You're one brave man," a fourth wrote.

And a final resolved: "The most real game of SNAKES AND LADDERS I've ever seen, nice to see you hold it together Beau and not panic."

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/ Aquachigger

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