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Woman Who Spent $600k To Look Like Kim Kardashian Is Now Spending $120k To Reverse It All
Featured Image Credit: Caters

Woman Who Spent $600k To Look Like Kim Kardashian Is Now Spending $120k To Reverse It All

She has had more than 40 cosmetic surgery procedures to make herself look like the reality star, but now wants to reverse the makeover

A woman who spent $600,000 (£500,000) to look like Kim Kardashian has now forked out a further $120,000 (£100,000) to reverse the makeover, saying she realised she was ‘addicted’ to surgery.  

Former Versace model Jennifer Pamplona (@jenniferpamplona) had more than 40 cosmetic surgery procedures to make herself look like the reality star, but now wants to be recognised for who she is. 

Kim Kardashian lookalike Jennifer Pamplona.

The Brazilian-born model, who now lives in Dubai, said: "People can call me stupid or a hypocrite as I am changing my whole look but I am getting experiences on myself and learning from myself. I want to complete my life purpose.” 

The 29-year-old said she was ‘happy having this Kardashian style look’ as it made her money and she ‘enjoyed’ the lifestyle, but admitted ‘it started to get annoying’. 

Jennifer Pamplona.

“I had worked and studied and I became businesswoman,” Pamplona - who has launched her own cosmetics company, made investments and has also done some acting on the side - said. 

“I had done all these things and all these achievements in my personal life but I was doing was being recognised by looking like a Kardashian.” 

Brazilian-born Jennifer Pamplona.

After getting her first boob job at just 17, Pamplona said she became addicted to plastic surgery, and has now lost count of how many procedures she’s had - which include rhinoplasties, bum implants and fat injections. 

“If I was to guess, it is over 40,” she continued. 

“It was an addiction and I got into a cycle of surgery equals fame and money, I just lost control of everything I went through a lot of hard times. 

“At one point I was just having surgeries to look like a Kardashian, I couldn’t do my own things like acting, as I was just known as a Kardashian lookalike.” 

Pamplona underwent further surgery to reverse the makeover.

Pamplona said she ‘never intended’ to look like a Kardashian at first, but when people made the comparison, she ‘took the opportunity’ to capitalise on the fame and money it brought her. 

However, she now plans to stop emulating the star by the time she turns 30, having found a doctor in Istanbul who claims to be able to revert her face back to how it originally looked – first starting with her veneers, which they changed to look more natural. 

“I then had a face and neck lift, buccal fat removal, cat eye surgery, a lip lift, and a nose job all in one,” Pamplona said of the further operations – which saw her splash out £100,000. 

Pamplona before the makeover.

"I basically had five procedures done in one, but from all of the surgeries I have had, this one has been the most difficult. I went into the operation room as one person and I came out as another. 

"The first time I saw myself I thought wow, is this really me. I had to deal with the new me, as this was the choice I made, it is what I asked for. 

"It was an investment but by far my favourite surgery." 

Pamplona said the recent surgery was a 'very difficult moment' in her life.

The month-long recovery in Turkey wasn’t an easy process as her face was sore and infected, with Pamplona saying she has ‘never felt so ill’ and thought she would need a blood transfusion. Despite also fearing she was going blind when her left eye wouldn’t close, she maintains that the most recent surgery was by far her ‘favourite’ yet and considers it a worthwhile ‘investment’. 

Pamplona said the surgery was a ‘very difficult moment’ in her life, but that she didn’t want people to think her life was a ‘joke’. 

“I was thinking to myself, what the hell have I done with my life,” she said. 

“But the best feeling was knowing I wasn’t in a fight with myself anymore, I was now who I wanted to be and I really now understand the meaning of life.” 

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