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Woman arrested after daughter writes story at school saying 'Mother pulled the gun on father'

Woman arrested after daughter writes story at school saying 'Mother pulled the gun on father'

The school's counselor raised the alarm after the reading the shocking story

A woman was arrested after her daughter wrote a story in her kindergarten class about her mum pulling out a gun and shooting her dad during an argument at their home.

Kaydra Johnson, 28, from Tennessee, was picked up by officers from Shelby County Sheriff’s Office on Monday (6 February) and charged with four counts of reckless endangerment after allegedly firing the gun at their home, which had the couple’s four children inside at the time.

Police said they were first alerted to incident when a school counselor Donelson Elementary discovered a story by the couple’s young daughter in which she wrote about a fight breaking out between her parents and shots being fired.

The somewhat harrowing story read: “Mother and father got into a fight. Mom told him to get out because he was smoking too much. Father hit mother in the eye. Mother said look what you’ve done.

Kaydra Johnson was arrested on Monday February 6.
Shelby County Sheriff's Office

“Mother got the gun from under the bed. I was in the living room, and my sisters and brother were in the room. Mother pulled the gun on father and shot three times.

"The bullets hit the wall. Mother told him to sleep in his car in the driveway and not to come back or she will shoot him again.”

After seeing the story, the counselor got in touch with the Department of Children’s Services and the police were called.

Upon visiting the family’s home police found Johnson outside the property and said she had been locked out for an hour.

Deputies discovered that there was a four-year-old and one-year-old inside the property at the time, so forced the door. Fortunately, the youngsters were found to be fine, despite being locked inside on their own for an hour.

Police seized two guns from the property and inside, officers found ‘several’ bullet holes in the walls in the living room, bedroom and hallway.

Once arrested, Johnson admitted to firing at least two shots at her husband, but said she only did so after he entered the home without permission and started to hit her using his fists and a vacuum cleaner.

The incident was uncovered after the couple’s child wrote about her mum shooting at her dad.
LightField Studios Inc. / Alamy Stock Photo

Police noted that Johnson had a cut and some bruising around her right eye.

She told officers three of her children had been sat on the couch at the time of the gunshots, while one was in the bathroom.

Her husband was uninjured during the incident.

The Department of Children’s Services put two of the children into the custody of their grandmother and the other two with their aunt.

Johnson has been released from jail and will go before a judge on 23 February.

Featured Image Credit: Shelby County Sheriff's Office / Jonathan Weiss / Alamy Stock Photo

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