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Woman filmed kissing cop insists she's done 'nothing wrong' despite his wife telling her to 'rot in hell'

Woman filmed kissing cop insists she's done 'nothing wrong' despite his wife telling her to 'rot in hell'

Virginia Pinto has defended herself for having an affair with a police officer, despite it resulting in him being suspended

The woman in the now-viral video of a police officer kissing and climbing into the back of his squad car with her has insisted that she's 'done nothing wrong'.

Virginia Pinto was identified as the person in a recently shared a clip of Prince George’s County Police officer Francesco Marlett having relations with a woman in a car park.

The ordeal reportedly took place near a child-filled park next to Oxon Hill High School in Maryland.

Marlett has since been suspended from his job and his wife has found out about his extra marital affair.

But Pinto insists that it 'was not a one night stand' and claims the pair have been seeing one another for around two years.

With this mind, Pinto does not believe she's in the wrong.

She was identified by Marlett's wife Paula in the video who, in a fiery Facebook post, told Pinto to 'rot in hell' shortly after Marlett was suspended from the service.

"This isn't a little thing," Pinto told The New York Post.

"Of course, since he’s a police officer, it looks bad. But I just want people to understand that this was not a one night stand.”

“What’s so exciting? He’s a cop. I’m a civilian. We got caught. It sucks, but this will pass,” she added.

Virginia Pinto.

She continued: "In my head, I’ve done nothing wrong. I’m going to continue living my life, doing what I’m doing.

"In my heart, in his heart, I know that I’ve done nothing. He knows. Paula knows. I’ve done nothing wrong. God is my higher power."

Marlett's wife has spoken to The Post herself and admitted that she and Marlett 'hit a rough patch' in their marriage, but doesn't appear to have any plans of leaving him.

"We get thru everything at the end of the day [sic]," Paula wrote in a text to the publication.

The man who filmed Pinto and Marlett's relations said he did so because it was getting 'interesting' between the pair.

The video of the pair in a car park has gone viral.
Jam Press Vid/@slumpedtl

The unnamed man told 7News: "As we see the interaction getting a little bit interesting, we were like let's just record it, you know. Let's see what happens.

"I witnessed a cop doing something that any other citizen would have been charged with. He's a police officer you know. It's board daylight.

"He didn't even look up. He didn't care who was watching. He didn't care that kids were around."

Prince George’s County Police Department has publicly responded to the viral video and said that there's an ongoing investigation.

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Virginia Pinto/Jam Press Vid/@slumpedtl

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