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Clear video of Bigfoot sighting in Colorado shows 'Sasquatch' hiking up a mountain
Featured Image Credit: Shannon Parker/Facebook

Clear video of Bigfoot sighting in Colorado shows 'Sasquatch' hiking up a mountain

The new video shows the supposed mythical creature in Colorado, as Sasquatch casually strolls across a canyon before taking a seat.

We all may have dreamt of finding Bigfoot as kids, but one unwitting traveller may have actually done so.

A new video shows the supposed mythical creature in Colorado, seeing a supposed Sasquatch casually stroll across a canyon before copping a squat.

But could this be the real Bigfoot? Or is it part of an elaborate hoax? Take a look below:

Originally uploaded by Facebook user Shannon Parker, the intrepid explorer revealed how he’d accidentally spotted the creature whilst on a train.

Travelling along in the Durango and Silverton railroad on October 8, he and another person spotted something sulking along among the grass.

Unable to get closer, he and fellow traveller Stetson Tyler tried to figure out what they were seeing – only to realise it could be the real Bigfoot!

After grabbing a few snaps of the beast in the San Juan National Forest, another passenger known only as 'Brandon' then captured the incredible clip.

It seems Sasquatch is big on fitness.
Shannon Parker/Facebook

Recalling the moment, Parker uploaded the video and images to social media with a lengthy caption explaining how he'd watched the mythical creature hike up the mountain.

Clearly exhausted, the creature then decided to take a breather and sat down in full view of the train.

Parker revealed that out of the ‘hundreds’ onboard, the three men were the only ones who’d actually seen this supposed Sasquatch.

The post has since been re-shared on social media, with fierce debate between Bigfoot believers and those who think it’s just a guy in a silly suit.

In fact, the clip has gained over 1.6 million views on Twitter – despite the original video only getting only 84 likes.

One fan tweeted: “Was a little skeptical about this, until I saw the length of the arm. The hand was all the way down to the knee. Clearly a bigfoot.”

Another user claimed the new video was the strongest evidence since the notorious Patterson-Gimlin clip - which made headlines in the 60s.

Could this really be Bigfoot?
Shannon Parker/Facebook

They wrote: "Best video since Patterson tape."

A third, clearly fearing the end of days, also wrote: “The portal has been opened the beasts will roam the earth…” (Cheery!)

Others weren’t so convinced or as bleak to be honest.

“They are elusive because they take their costumes off after you get your shot,” joked a less than impressed Twitter user.

"That costume would be a little more convincing if it weren't so baggy," teased a fifth.

It seem that Bigfoot gets about though, with another two men claiming he'd spotted him in another North American forest earlier this year.

No wonder he needed a sit down after all that walking!

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