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Men Convinced They've Captured Footage Of Bigfoot Running Through Trees

Men Convinced They've Captured Footage Of Bigfoot Running Through Trees

They may be convinced – but the internet ain't

Nothing is certain in this life, except death and taxes. And men continually being convinced they've spotted Bigfoot.

The mysterious hairy creatures are a part of North American folklore, but some folks are sure they exist – even though we've still not been able to pin one down after decades of searching.

This is all the more remarkable given that all of the apparent footage we have of the beasts seems to indicate that they're about the same size and speed as a bloke in a big furry suit; yet, they always get away.

We can catch cheetahs, bats, whales – you name it. Just not bigfoot.

Still, a couple of fellas reckon they've caught the illusive creature on camera.

See for yourself here:

In the footage, uploaded to TikTok account @cryptiduniversity, the men can be seen driving through a forest on a track with a branch across it.

A caption in the video reads: "Notice the tree trying to block the road? Top of the tree has been snapped?"

Then, as they motor on, the passenger conveniently pans to the driver, and there in the background is majestic footage of a man-in-a-furry-suit-like-creature running through the trees.


Alas, they mustn't have spotted old bigfoot until they watched back the footage, so once again, the big, clumsy, slow b*****d got away.

Weirdly, people didn't seem to be convinced by the footage, with many pointing out it all seemed to be quite conveniently shot.

One person commented: "So funny the camera was already pointing that way!"

Another said: "Notice how he was talking to his friend but didn't have the camera cantered on him until after they 'accidentally' filmed Bigfoot in centre frame."

A third added: "The camera just happens to turn that way. Yeah okay."

Another viewer casually declared that they have seen bigfoot – but they reckoned this clip was a load of b******s.

They wrote: "I have seen Bigfoot and am a believer, but that looked like someone in a costume to me."

Ah well chaps. Next time make sure you grab the thing and call the authorities, yeah?

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Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@cryptiduniversity

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