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Playboy's top Centerfold influencer Megan Marx explains what the role involves

Playboy's top Centerfold influencer Megan Marx explains what the role involves

Megan Marx explains what it's like to work with Playboy to sell adult content.

If you had ever dreamed of being a Playboy Bunny, then now might be your chance as the brand opens new ways for influencers to join their team.

Now that we’ve all entered a time where posting explicit pictures of yourself is celebrated and enables you to get some cash in return, joining online platforms is more accessible than ever.

But what if you wanted to do something that was only a pipe dream? Like working for the men’s lifestyle company, Playboy.

Get your bunny ears and tight leotard on, because it’s becoming a reality for many hopeful women.

Playboy is recruiting new influencers to join their platform.
Playboy / Instagram

As one popular model has come out to say what it’s really like to work with Playboy, the brand very well might take over OnlyFans in the near future.

Megan Marx, the former 'Bachelor Australia' star is a top creator for Playboy’s new digital platform, which provides adult content, but not explicit material like its rival, OnlyFans.

When it launched in 2021 as ‘Centerfold’, it was created to allow women to express their creativity and sex positivity without the stigma that surrounds OnlyFans.

Though the name was later scrapped, it relaunched in September 2022 so that Playboy could integrate it into its overall brand, and its belief in creative freedom has remained.

Speaking about the potential of the platform, the 32-year-old told Fox News Digital: “I think there’s a lot of money to be made,”

The creator and reality star went on to praise the brand for getting people out there, who may not already have the knowledge on making money though their raunchy content.

Megan Marx is a top earner on the site.
Instagram / @megan.leto.marx

She said: “But for Playboy, I think what they’re doing is wonderful. … It can be really hard to monetize or know how to monetize yourself coming off certain shows or if you have a following, which I know a lot of people on Playboy have.”

The Australian went on to explain that the Playboy influencer platform allows members to 'profit, rather than other brands profiting' off their material.

Having experienced this type of security from the company, she has now been keen to recommend the line of work to friends who are leaving reality shows.

Now, even though the former magazine was known for its risqué images, modesty is allowed, according to the model.

She stated that: “You can also provide free content, but who knows where (that’s) going to head… Playboy can be very PG if you want it to be.”

After a devastating diagnosis, Marx is using this as an opportunity to enjoy life.
Instagram / @megan.leto.marx

But the overall consensus on the site is that Playboy is giving creators the power to take control of their own earnings and content they choose to post.

When speaking to Fox News Digital, Rachel Webber, Playboy’s chief brand and strategy officer said that creators do this by being given 'resources to monetize their fan bases by leveraging our talented in-house team and iconic history.'

Though, don’t think that just anyone can get this gig, as the Playboy recruitment team do not always reach out to women who throw 36G sized bras onstage at a Drake concert.

Mostly, it’s a rigorous process.

In fact, it’s the editorial team who need to accept creators before they can start to work with the brand, whereas anyone is able to join OnlyFans.

PLBY Group, the owner of Playboy, wants to use influencers like Marx to future-proof its business model, in a way that’s different from rival companies.

Featured Image Credit: Insta / @megan.leto.marx

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