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OnlyFans star disowned by her family after they found her account
Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@kayylajadee

OnlyFans star disowned by her family after they found her account

Her family disowned her after a relative discovered her OnlyFans account

A woman revealed that she was disowned by her family after they discovered that she was creating content for OnlyFans.

Kayla Jade is one of the most popular content creators on OnlyFans, but it has seemingly cost her connections with her family after a male relative posted pictures from her account to the rest of her family.

Taking to TikTok, Kayla pointed out that what her relative had done was illegal and explained how she'd felt after her family found out.

Things took a turn for the worse when a family member went onto her OnlyFans profile and posted some of her pictures to family members.

Kayla said when she got into OnlyFans she 'started one about a year and a half ago' and while she didn't tell her family about it she wasn't trying to keep it a secret either.

"I wasn't gonna bother hiding it because I knew it would come out eventually," she said.

The TikToker and OnlyFans star revealed she was disowned by her family.

"My goal was to be super successful so I wasn't gonna bother trying to hide it from friends or family because I knew it was just gonna come out. As time went on I got bigger and bigger and people started seeing my stuff.

"Friends started seeing my stuff and eventually my family saw it. When my mum and sister found out they couldn't even confront me about it, they had to ask my dad to call me about it."

To her dad's credit, when he called he was apparently 'so grounded and super supportive' of his daughter, which was unfortunately not a reaction shared by other family members.

Among the rest of her family she found that 'no one could really look me in the eyes and talk to me about it' and then one day, she got a message from a member of the family 'completely disowning me'.

Kayla said her family couldn't look at her after they found out, apart from her dad who she says was 'so grounded and super supportive'.

Describing it as the 'biggest weight off my shoulders', Kayla explained that she'd later received a message saying the situation had unravelled after a family member had gone onto her OnlyFans and posted a bunch of screenshots into the family group chat.

Apparently creating content for OnlyFans is bad but going on OnlyFans and paying for pictures is a-okay.

Some people commenting said it was 'your life and up to you what you do', and that they were 'sorry about your family'.

Others wanted to know 'was it worth it' and Kayla responded to say she 'couldn't be happier', while telling some commenters who criticised her to 'grow tf up it's 2023'.

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