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Teacher, 50, who resigned after OnlyFans account was discovered by officials reveals she now earns five times more

Teacher, 50, who resigned after OnlyFans account was discovered by officials reveals she now earns five times more

Jennifer Ruziscka has been posting on OnlyFans and Fansly since December 2023

A former high school teacher has gotten candid about how much more money she’s making by posting content to an OnlyFans rival.

Last month, Jennifer Ruziscka, 50, resigned from her position as a teacher after her OnlyFans account was discovered by officials

The educator was previously employed by the Springfield Local School District’s English department in Ohio and had been teaching at the institution for a staggering 28 years.

However, on January 29 she was placed on administrative leave after bosses discovered she’d been making and posting content online.

Ruziscka, who was also a cheerleading coach at the Holland school, was accused of 'participating in conduct unbecoming of a professional educator'.

She later stepped down from her position and has since opened up about her untimely exit.

Speaking to Fox News Digital, the former teacher claimed that she is making a killing after sharing to both OnlyFans and Fansly.

She told the news outlet: “Those businesses required a great deal of time and dedication to flourish, which would’ve required me to cut back on the level of commitment to my classes and my students that I was known for upholding.

“Running an OF site was quite simple in that I could set aside 20 to 30 minutes a night to produce content to post and then resume the three to four hours of work I so routinely brought home with me every night.”

However, due to having excess credit card debt and being behind on a multitude of bills, Ruziscka decided to monetise further.

Jennifer Ruziscka resigned from her position after her OnlyFans account was discovered by officials.
Facebook/Jennifer Ruziscka

She joined Fansly, as per the outlet, and began to make five times as much for her content.

However, despite working to ‘close the financial gap’, disaster struck when Ruziscka was put on ‘paid administrative leave’.

“Just when I thought I could breathe a sigh of relief that there was now an additional source of income to help me close the financial gap that was growing larger every day, I was informed that the district was aware of my after-hours activity and was put on paid administrative leave,” she recounted.

Ruziscka claimed that her out-of-hours activities had been leaked to the board by a friend who knew she was in dire financial straits.

However, she claimed she was unwilling to ‘avenge’ the betrayal and wouldn’t be revealing her friend’s name.

After officials were notified about her side hustle, a disciplinary meeting was scheduled by the board.

However, two days before the meeting, Ruziscka decided to resign from her post and quit her $74,720 salary job.

Springfield High School in Holland, Ohio. WTOL
Springfield High School in Holland, Ohio. WTOL

Following her exit, Ruziscka claims to have received messages of support from her ex-students.

She also revealed to the outlet how much she ‘loved’ being a teacher for almost three decades.

“I genuinely loved entering that building, excited about what I had planned for that day, as the energy in my classroom was electric,” she explained.

“Without my presence in a classroom, it’s as if a part of me has died.”

The 50-year-old has been embarking on her hobby since December 2023 and has recently defended her modelling by quoting Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet.

As per The New York Post, she said: "In William Shakespeare’s ‘The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet,’ as Juliet laments Romeo being a Montague, the only son of her family’s great enemy, she recognizes, ‘A rose by any other name would smell as sweet’."

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/WTOL

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