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McDonald’s customer goes viral in rage over new drinks with 'sippy cup lid' instead of a straw

McDonald’s customer goes viral in rage over new drinks with 'sippy cup lid' instead of a straw

More and more food establishments are ditching straws, including McDonalds

We can't imagine drinking a cold drink from McDonald's without a straw.

But apparently, it's the way things are heading after a McDonald's customer went viral when he kicked off about receiving his drink in a 'sippy cup'.

People are kicking off about not receiving straws.
Andrew Michael/Education Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

In a bid to minimise and reduce their impact on the environment, many businesses - including fast food chains - have been looking at ways to reduce their footprint.

First, plastic straws were out and paper straws were in. But now, many are opting for straw-free lids altogether.

Instead, cold drinks are being served with the kind of lids you'd find on a hot drink.

I know, it feels all wrong. But if it's helping the environment, isn't that a good thing?

Well, people are not happy about it at all.

TikToker @lorddutcher is certainly one of those people. He shared a video on TikTok, explaining that his drinks just 'don't slap' unless they come with a straw.

“I don’t know what establishments need to hear this, but if I get a drinky drink from you… give me a straw,” he said.

“I shouldn’t have to ask for one. Just give me one.

“... I don’t care that you invented this little sippy cup. This doesn’t slap unless it comes from a straw, okay?”

People in the comments could relate, with one person writing: "And NOT a paper one please!"

While another said: "This is me at Dunkin."

And a third added: "And that’s why the center console of my car has 14,000 straws."

And a fourth added: "McDonald's did me dirty 3 times last week, all during breakfast. I had to drink my liquids like an animal!"

"I ordered mcdonald's the other day and I got all my food correctly, my sauces, ketchup, napkins, and a straw! I was shocked!!" said a fifth.

However one pointed out: "Between it being an environmental thing and probably a money thing, more and more places are not gonna give out straw unless you ask."

The customer was not happy about the lack of straw.

Many pointed out that in California, as of May 2022, businesses had to legally stop including plastic utensils and napkins unless a customer specifically asked for them.

At the time, Sheila Morovati from non-profit Habits of Waste, outlined the positives of the move.

“I call this a triple win,” she told the Los Angeles Times.

“It’s a win for the planet, a win for the customers who don’t have to have their junk drawers filled with all this plastic and a win for the restaurants and their bottom line.”

UNILAD has reached out to McDonald's for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Tiktok/@lorddutcher

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