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'Killer' yoga teacher sprints to escape officials after medical appointment

'Killer' yoga teacher sprints to escape officials after medical appointment

Footage uploaded to social media has revealed a yoga teacher accused of murder attempting to flee officials.

Footage uploaded to social media has shown a yoga teacher accused of murder attempting to flee officials.

In May 2022, professional cyclist Anna Moriah Wilson was fatally shot while at a friends house in Austin, Texas.

Yoga teacher and realtor Kaitlin Armstrong was connected to the well-known cyclist through her former boyfriend cyclist Colin Strickland - who Wilson had dated too, police said.

Armstrong was arrested in June 2022 and charged with murder.

She pleaded not guilty in July and was remanded in custody in Travis County Jail on a a $3.5 million bond.

A Travis County police spokesperson talked about Armstrong's attempted escape here:

Armstrong was escorted by corrections officers to Ascension Medical Group/Seton Orthopedics medical facility in South Austin for an appointment yesterday morning (Wednesday, 11 October).

However, on the way out of her appointment, Armstrong began sprinting off away from officials.

Cellphone footage recorded by Theresa Rangel and shared by CBS Austin show Armstrong running across the side of the car park and beginning to climb over wall as an official chases after her.

Senior spokesperson for the Travis County Sheriff's Office, Kristen Dark, told CBS Austin that it's 'very uncommon' for someone to attempt an escape like this.

In a video posted to X - formerly known as Twitter - by CBS' Bettie Cross, Dark says: "This morning, Kaitlyn Armstrong was transported to a medical appointment off of our campus.

"And that's not unusual - when a person in our custody has a medical situation that requires specialised care that we can't offer in our facility, we'll take them to a doctor's appointment. That's what happened this morning.

"After the doctors appointment was over, as she and two of our correctional officers were leaving that facility, they were on the front area headed to the parking lot of that building on the exterior and she ran from our officers.

"She made it about a block-and-a-half through a neighbourhood. Our officers never lost sight of her and were able to chase her down and catch up. And to restrain her."

Armstrong has been returned to custody.
Harris County Sheriff's Office

Armstrong has since been returned to custody, Dark confirmed, noting the yoga teacher was 'taken to a local hospital to make sure she was okay' first.

Dark says that a review will also take place, investigating the actions of the two correctional officers.

"To look at the type of restraints that were used, whether or not any errors were made by our employees and what could be done better next time," she adds.

As a result of attempting to escape custody, Armstrong could face an additional charge or charges.

Her trial is set to begin on 30 October.

Featured Image Credit: CBS Austin

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