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US state still has a law in place where it's illegal to have sex before marriage

US state still has a law in place where it's illegal to have sex before marriage

If you were planning a trip to the state and wanted to suss out the Tinder scene, hard luck.

There's a state in the US where it's still illegal to have sex with someone if you're not married.

If you were planning a trip to the US with your significant other anytime soon - or were hoping to see what the Tinder scene is like over there - you should probably double check the state you're travelling to allows for sex outside of marriage.

Yes, despite it being 2024, one state in the US forbids anyone in the state from getting too hot and steamy with anyone else unless they're married.

And while you might think it would be a pretty easy crime to get away with, you may not want to try your luck when you realise it comes with some pretty daunting repercussions.

The law is detailed within Idaho's Code and Statutes of 2017, falling under chapter 66 on 'Sex Crimes' under title 18 named 'Crime and Punishments'.

The law states, as quoted by Justia: "18-6603. Fornication. Any unmarried person who shall have sexual intercourse with an unmarried person of the opposite sex shall be deemed guilty of fornication."

If convicted, a person could then be punished by 'a fine of not more than $300 or by imprisonment for not more than six months or by both such fine and imprisonment; provided, that the sentence imposed or any part thereof may be suspended with or without probation in the discretion of the court'.

And given this ban on sex outside of marriage, it's not a massive surprise education around the topic 'is not currently mandated' to be taught in schools.

However, for schools who do still want to make sure their pupils are as informed as possible, there's a pretty strict expectation placed upon them surrounding how to teach the subject.

What you'll be doing with your partner in bed in Idaho if you're not married.
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As per SIECUS' website, last updated on 22 January, 2024, schools in the state are 'not required to teach sex education' but if they do offer the curriculum they 'must encourage abstinence'.

In 2023, a house bill was passed by the education committee which defined more clearly what it means by 'abstinence'.

The bill reads: "Abstinence means the absence of any sexual activity prior to marriage, which activity includes physical contact between individuals involving intimate or private areas of the body that can potentially result in pregnancy, transmit sexually transmitted diseases and infections or present emotional risks'.

It also explains what it takes sex education to 'mean' explaining it's 'the study of the anatomy and the physiology of human reproduction'.

Ah, so much to say, so little time. Make of that what you will.

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