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Woman finds husband on Tinder and he tells her he's single despite having three kids with her
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Woman finds husband on Tinder and he tells her he's single despite having three kids with her

The woman said she had made a Tinder account, only to be shocked that her husband appeared to have done the same thing

A woman got quite the shock when she discovered that her husband had a Tinder profile, and claimed he was single.

Now of course, the immediate question is how she caught him, and in this case it wasn't because she spotted the app on his phone, or because a single friend found his profile.

It was because she'd also made a Tinder profile for herself, though she had at least been smart enough to use a pseudonym.

Writing in to a relationship advice column, she explained: "I (29) have been married for two years with 3 kids, but of late, my husband (41) has been acting funny.

"I decided to join Tinder in search of a friend with benefits and shock on me I stumbled upon my husband's profile on the app."

Well you may think that's not the best way to kick things off, but somehow it does actually get worse.

She continued: "Because I use a pseudo name [sic], I swiped right, and it was a match.

"He started chatting with me immediately, and he told me he was single without knowing he was talking to his wife.

She found her husband's profile on Tinder.
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"I am so heartbroken and confused about what to do. Should I continue with this marriage or call it quits? Please advise."

To call it 'awkward' really doesn't do it justice! Sure you could call out the cheating (or attempted cheating?), but not without admitting to trying to cheat yourself.

It's the Mutually Assured Destruction of relationships.

Agony aunt Dr Love wrote back, suggesting that it was at least a good thing that she had realised the marriage was not working.

He wrote: "Well, at least you know you are not compatible. Your marriage broke down a while back, even a long time ago.

An agony aunt said both were at fault.
Kinga Krzeminska / Getty

"Keeping in mind that there is also a story behind your husband's dalliance with Tinder, maybe this feels like you are just as inadequate."

He went on to suggest that she sit down with her husband and have an open discussion about the situation.

And if they were not able to come to an understanding or agreement about their relationship, then maybe it's time to call it a day.

He advised: "You are both guilty. If your differences are unamendable, then you can both separate amicably. Your marriage is on paper only.

"Keep it that way if you have other expounding circumstances, but it seems like you both decided to check out."

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