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20 people dine and dash restaurant after complaining about food and threatening staff

20 people dine and dash restaurant after complaining about food and threatening staff

The group of 20 people left the restaurant without paying

A restaurant was hit by an enormous dine and dash when twenty people left without paying their bill, which had racked up to the hundreds.

Video footage shows chaos unfolding in the restaurant as the guests complain about the food and threaten staff before walking out en masse.

The incident occurred at the Crazy Cajun in Houston, where a group of around twenty people went out for food.

Staff told FOX that the group had made constant complaints about the food and sent a lot of things back to the kitchen.

They claimed that despite making as much effort as they could to makes things right, it seemed that there was simply no pleasing the group.

Whether it was comping drinks and children's meals, the group simply would not let up.

The final straw for the group came when the $500 bill arrived and included an automatic gratuity. A sign in the restaurant made it clear that groups of 18 or more people would have to pay automatic gratuity, but the group was having none of it.

Two out of the party of twenty paid their bill.

Audio on the video even shows one of the group threatening staff at the restaurant, saying they would 'get shot'.

In the end, the entire group walked out of the restaurant without paying.

Some of them can even be seen carrying doggy bags containing the food they had been complaining about not long before.

While two people in the group did pay their bill, the rest didn't, meaning that the server - who is a single parent - was left without their tip despite having to deal with the demands of the group during their visit.

It wasn't just the server either, as the restaurant as a whole was missing the $500 owed, resulting in management filing a police report.

The group left without paying.

Dine and dashing can be a huge problem for restaurants, which are a type of business that often operates on razor-thin margins.

One restauranteur in Tampa, Florida has taken to publicly shaming people who try it on at his establishment.

Rick's on the River owner Ken Brackins has begun to use a deterrent in the restaurant for anyone who tries to leave without paying.

Rather than filing a police report, he takes photos of the offending guests and posts them on his Facebook 'hall of shame'. This means that he will know if they come back, and other restaurants in the area can also look it up for any previous dashers.

Featured Image Credit: FOX

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