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Couple stunned as they both propose at exact same time at Disneyland

Couple stunned as they both propose at exact same time at Disneyland

What a wonderful moment!

A couple had an unexpected surprise for each other when they made a trip to Disneyland.

Proposals are an important moment for any couple - and it's always something you want to get right.

However, how you do it is unique for everyone, whether it's a full getting down on one knee after a fancy dinner, or being sat watching your favourite show together in your sweatpants and casually asking 'wanna get married?', before high-fiving and ordering pizza to celebrate, it's always a special moment.

However, one couple seemed to be on the same wavelength as they both decide to be the one to propose.

A video at Disneyland captured by stranger, Jenny Tuell, shows Javier Lopez getting down on one knee in front of Sleeping Beauty's Castle to his partner Samual Bishop Macias.

Samual looks flabbergasted as he realizes that his partner has beaten him to popping the question.

The delighted Samual then pulls out a ring of his own and gets down on one knee right back at Javier.

The tearful and happy couple both nod before embracing while onlookers gave them a round of applause.

The pair embrace after getting engaged.
TikTok / jennytuell14

Jenny captioned the video by saying: "Congrats!! I got their permission to post and sent them my video."

Samual saw the video of the pair proposing to each other on TikTok and commented on it, saying: "Thank you so much! For being our unofficial videographer, you are the sweetest.

"Thank you thank you a thousand times!"

Meanwhile, Javier commented: "Thank you for the video! It was a pleasure meet you! You capture the emotional moment for ever in the correct time! Happily ever after."

And people were piling into the comments to also share their best wishes for the happy couple.

The happy couple posted pictures after getting engaged.
Instagram / sam.bishop.m

One person said: "I genuinely got more emotional over the people around them being so supportive. it’s hard to remember that nice people exist."

A second replied: "They know each other SO well!! They knew both would want this proposal. I love it. I love them. I love love!!!!"

A third posted: "I would have been a blubbering mess to see this in person. Congrats to this adorable couple! You captured it beautifully."

The happy couple had gone on vacation to Disneyland together and, in a wonderful twist of fate, both had secretly been planning to use the trip to ask the other to marry them.

Neither of them had any idea that the other was planning exactly the same thing right up to the last second.

Javier told Fox Television Stations: "I already had it planned but I never knew he [Macias] was planning the same thing!

"When he pulled out the ring, I started crying and laughing at the same time. It was a beautiful moment."

And Jenny said that she 'immediately started recording' when she saw Javier getting ready to pop the question so she could send it to them later.

"I couldn't stop thinking about it and smiling for the rest of the day." she added.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/jennytuell14

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