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Man brutally turned down after topless proposal at hockey match
Featured Image Credit: @roger_farina/Twitter

Man brutally turned down after topless proposal at hockey match

The crowd chanted: "Just say no."

Popping the question is meant to be one of the biggest moments in your life, but this man's topless hockey match proposal couldn't have gone more wrong.

While he clearly put in the effort to get the proposal right at the New York Islanders vs Panthers NHL hockey match, total chaos ensued with the help of the crowd.

It all went down when the game's infamous kiss cam landed on the couple, and the man seized the moment to get down on one knee while topless.

The crowd began to cheer and a cameraman went right up to the couple to capture the moment, before some members of the crowd started to chant: "Just say no."

The woman, who was wearing an orange hat, could then be seen deliberating for some time, and but her hands over her mouth in shock.

She then leant over to the man, prompting some members of the crowd to think she was about to say yes, before whispering in his ear that it was sadly a no from her.

The man clearly didn't know what to do, and his facial expression was caught between shock and laughter at his very public rejection.

He unbelievably remained on one knee as this all went down before the woman made her exit from the stadium - quite literally running away.

Gasps of shock could, perhaps unsurprisingly, be heard from the crowd as the man put his head down in defeat, while, bizarrely, still on one knee.

He then finally got up, sat back down on his seat, and had a drink of his beer.

The crowd encouraged her to say no.
TikTok / @roger_farina

The proposal fail did not go unnoticed when it was reposted to social media after sports writer Dan Rosen tweeted about the incident.

He wrote: "Kiss cam time and a guy takes off his shirt and written on his chest is 'PLZ SAY YES YES YES'.

"He gets down on one knee and proposes. Camera cuts away. But I could see them from the press box.

"The girl got up and left. She flat out left. And the Panthers scored. Can't make it up."

In response to this tweet, one Twitter user shared a clip of the moment that's been viewed over 1.3 million times at the time of writing.

Reacting to the footage, one viewer wrote: "Sits back down and drinks his beer. Love it."

A second questioned: "Bro you're really gonna put her on the spot in front of thousands of people (and many more on tv) while you propose with no shirt on?"

"Maybe shirtless and drunk was the wrong approach," speculated a third.

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