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American woman who returned from Europe explains why life is so much harder in the US

American woman who returned from Europe explains why life is so much harder in the US

The TikToker explained how she had been drawn back by the American Dream, but now says 'it's not true'

A US citizen has shared her regret at returning to the States after emigrating to Ireland.

If you live in the US you may have considered your options around emigrating to Europe.

There are certainly lots of enticing things, like walkable cities, better employment rights, and healthcare that doesn't bankrupt you for getting sick.

Among the many US citizens tempted to emigrate to Europe is Kayleigh, who emigrated to Ireland.

Kayleigh documented her journey on TikTok, with some of her videos on the social media platform getting millions of views.

After a while, Kayleigh moved back to the States, drawn by the prospect of a higher wage.

She explained her decision, saying: "I was thinking, Maybe I should go back to America, you know, you make more money there. Yeah, I'd get less time off, but I'd still get time off and it'd be okay. I could save a lot more money.

The TikToker explained her predicament over avocado toast.
TikTok / kayshaynee

"And then if I wanted to move back to Europe in the future, because my boyfriend is European, I could do that. So I moved back."

But it seems that despite the prospect of the American Dream tempting her back, things have not gone so well.

She said: "When I tell you my bank account has gone down since I moved back here. I literally have lost money by moving back here."

Not only that, but she ended up burning out and quitting her 'career job' and is now doing something completely different.

"I really got sucked into like the American Dream way of living," she said, adding: "It's not true. It used to be it definitely used to be."

She has plans to return to Europe.
TikTok / kayshaynee

She continued: "It's such a struggle and the older generation doesn't seem to see how much of a struggle it is for the younger generation."

One person pointed out Ireland is also expensive, writing: "Ireland not cheap either. But yes I do like the days off."

She replied: "Definitely not cheap!!! But cheaper than where I am in America right now."

The TikToker added that she now has plans to move back to Europe, clarifying: "Not to Ireland though. To the Netherlands."

Another person took to the comments about the cost of living in the US, writing: "I took a pay cut of around 20% I’d say when I moved to Europe but I have way more disposable income."

Someone else said simply: "I’m sold! Gotta start packing my bags."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@kayshaynee

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