Ukraine: 40-Mile Convoy Threatens Kyiv As City Remains In Government Control For Sixth Day Of Fighting

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Ukraine: 40-Mile Convoy Threatens Kyiv As City Remains In Government Control For Sixth Day Of Fighting

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A Russian military convoy approaching Ukraine's capital city Kyiv has grown to more than 40 miles in length, as US officials warn the city may be placed under siege in the coming days.

Satellite images first revealed the convoy - at that time around 3.5 miles long - over the weekend, however over the past two days it has grown significantly, and now consists of several hundred Russian military vehicles, most of which entered Ukraine from the Belarussian border.

The images, which were shared by satellite imagery company Maxar, showed the convoy was advancing along main roads towards the capital, with vehicles in some cases stood three-deep along the road.

Fears have been growing for the Ukrainian capital, as US intelligence sources say Russian troops will likely attempt to encircle and siege the city after failing their initial attempt to take Kyiv in the first days of their invasion.

The city has so far remained under government control and is heavily defended, with Ukrainian armed forces, reservists and volunteers fending off saboteur groups and establishing fortifications against a coming Russian advance.

The Guardian reports that the military convoy is currently around 17 miles (25 kilometres) from the centre of Kyiv.

The bulk of Russian forces are believed to remain around 20 kilometres outside Kyiv, with the latest UK Ministry of Defense update assessing that the advance has made 'little progress' in the last 24 hours as a result of 'logistical difficulties.'

It's been widely suggested that Russia has been surprised by the strength of Ukrainian resistance, with Putin's forces expected to move to a 'new phase' that could see heavier use of artillery and more indiscriminate attacks on civilian areas.

Evidence of this was seen yesterday, February 28, when dozens of civilians were killed in a rocket attack that hit a residential area of Kharkiv, Ukraine's second-largest city.

In Kyiv, residents have been placed under a nightly curfew and banned from buying alcohol as the city prepares for a seemingly imminent assault.

Kyiv mayor Vitali Klitschko - who on Sunday denied reports he'd said the city was already encircled by Russian troops - has told AP that a siege could see the city run out of food and medicine, warning that 'we are at the border of a humanitarian catastrophe.'

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