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Astronomers in Ukraine say there are UFOs flying 'everywhere' over Kyiv

Astronomers in Ukraine say there are UFOs flying 'everywhere' over Kyiv

"We observe a significant number of objects whose nature is not clear"

Astronomers in Ukraine have said there are UFOs flying 'everywhere' over the skies in Kyiv.

"We see them everywhere," was just one of the statements made in the paper published by the Main Astronomical Observatory NAS of Ukraine.

The report details the independent investigation into UFOs – or UAPs (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) as they're now known – which were observed by meteor stations in Kyiv and the Ukrainian village of Vinarovka.

Authors B.E. Zhilyaev, V.N. Petukhov and V.M. Reshetnyk have determined that the main feature of the UAPs is their 'high speed', which made the objects impossible to see with the human eye.

"Ordinary photo and video recordings will also not capture the UAP," they added. "To detect UAP, you need to fine-tune (tuning) the equipment: shutter speed, frame rate, and dynamic range (14-16 stops)."

Using the specially developed technique and carrying out observations in the daytime sky, the astronomers were able to capture imagery of the UAPs which is presented in the paper, titled 'Unidentified aerial phenomena I. Observations of events'.

After collating the data, the researchers determined two types of UAPs – 'Cosmics' and 'Phantoms'.

Cosmics are said to be 'luminous objects, brighter than the background of the sky', while Phantoms are 'dark objects' that do not emit and absorb 'all the radiation' that falls on them.

Various images of the observations were presented in the paper.
Main Astronomical Observatory NAS of Ukraine

They continued: "Both types of UAPs exhibit extremely high movement speeds. Their detection is a difficult experimental problem.

"They are a by-product of our main astronomical work, daytime observations of meteors and space intrusions."

The special technique used to capture the UAPs was developed to take into account the high speeds, adding: "The exposure time was chosen so that the image of the object did not shift significantly during exposure."

The authors concluded: "Flights of single, group and squadrons of the ships were detected, moving at speeds from 3 to 15 degrees per second."

As outlined by Vice, which reported on the paper today, the team don't speculate as to what the objects might be.

Given Russia's invasion of Ukraine, the publication added that a simple explanation would be that the unidentified observations are some sort of weaponry, such as missiles or rockets.

Experts often speculate whether UAPs are actually military weaponry but this was not mentioned in the report.

But the war was not discussed in the paper. Instead, the authors explained: "We observe a significant number of objects whose nature is not clear."

UNILAD has contacted Zhilyaev for comment.

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Featured Image Credit: US Department of Defense/Olena Suvorova/Alamy Stock Photo

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