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Woman issues warning about 'one thing' you should never do on a cruise
Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@cruisemummy/David Sacks/Getty Images

Woman issues warning about 'one thing' you should never do on a cruise

Travel expert Jenni Fielding has warned followers on the 'one thing' you should never do on a cruise

A travel expert has revealed the ‘one thing’ you should never do on a cruise as it could see you being ‘charged hundreds’.

While embarking on a cruise was previously associated with older travellers in the past, there is no questioning there's something for everyone aboard the seas nowadays.

Heck, one couple decided to 'sell everything' to live on a ship permanently, while others save money by doing similar.

Jenni Fielding, AKA Cruise Mummy, is someone who is very familiar with life at sea. In the past decade she's been on more than 30 cruises, from solo trips through to family holidays with the kids.

Jenni now shares tips and tricks with others online, including things you'll want to be avoiding on your travels.

When the social media influencer sets off on a cruise there is one thing she swears by to avoid unnecessary costs.

Jenni Fielding is a bit of a cruise veteran.

In an interview with Tyla, Jenni warns that you should NEVER forget to pop your phone on airplane mode once you've set off.

Failure to do so could result in yourself being charged 'hundreds'.

She explained: “One thing to be aware of is to always put your phone on airplane mode as soon as the ship departs.

“There’s a chance it could connect to the maritime network at sea, and if it uses data to pull through your emails, for example, then you could face a huge bill. People have been charged hundreds."

Wi-Fi is available onboard a cruise ship, but often comes at a rather pricey additional cost, according to Jenni.

Instead, the travel expert advises those on a cruise ship to wait until you reach a port to get that social media fix.

"Cruise ship Wi-Fi is expensive, so I usually just use my 5G data when on land and disconnect while at sea," Jenni added.

Elsewhere in the interview, she explained how she manages to land bargain travel deals.

“I found both of these deals on the cruise line’s websites by simply ordering all of the cruises from price low to high,” Jenni said.

“The prices usually drop significantly about two weeks before the sailing, if the ships aren’t full.

The travel expert said you should never forget to pop your phone on airplane mode once you've set off on a cruise.

“Cruises this cheap don’t appear on travel agent websites or price comparison sites because travel agents don’t want to book them. They only get 5-10% commission, so it’s not worth their time.

“For super cheap deals like this, you have to look on the cruise line’s websites and book online."

She continued: “One-way cruises are usually the cheapest because people often overlook them. But they’re no more inconvenient than a round trip if you’re flying.

“The cheapest time to cruise in Europe is the first December and January (excluding Christmas and New Year) because people want the good weather.

“But it was 20 degrees in Spain and Italy which was warm enough for shorts and t-shirts and to swim in the outdoor pools.”

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