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Man furious at where fellow passenger chooses to sit for flight on nearly empty plane
Featured Image Credit: KAMIL KRZACZYNSKI/AFP via Getty Images / X/@ChefAnthonyDC

Man furious at where fellow passenger chooses to sit for flight on nearly empty plane

People are flying to the comments after a plane passenger revealed where a fellow traveler sat on a near empty flight.

A plane passenger has spoken out in outrage over another traveler's seat choice on a near empty aircraft.

These days, there's absolutely no way to keep everyone happy when onboard a plane and if you should do so much as breathe slightly too heavily, you'll likely end up as the subject of someone's viral TikTok video and at the focus of a series of divided comments.

However, many social media users are all saying the same thing after one passenger revealed what happened when he ended up on a plane with only two other passengers.

Chef Anthony Thomas from Washington, DC took to his X (formerly Twitter) account on February 13 to share a selfie while on a Southwest flight seated in a window seat nearer the front of the aircraft.

The image shows one passenger sat on the same side of the aisle as Thomas, but eight rows back and on the aisle seat opposed to the window.

And the third and final passenger on the near empty plane?

What would you do if you could choose your seat on a near-empty plane?
Pexels/ Natã Romualdo

Well, out of all the other empty seat options, the final passenger decided to plonk themselves down directly behind Thomas.

Thomas' caption on X reads: "Imagine having the luxury of boarding a flight with only two passengers on it.

"Of all the seats on the flight, look where he decided to sit."

And it hasn't taken long for people to flood to the comments to weigh in on the post and the third passenger's seat choice.

Wait until you spot the other passenger in the distance.
X/ @ChefAnthonyDC

One X user said: "That’s the same dude that won’t skip the 30 empty urinals to snuggle up and try to talk while it’s business time."

"I think these people are extremely codependent," another added.

A third commented: "I'm farting as loud as possible."

"I woulda been so passive aggressive when I changed seats," a fourth added.

However, another suggested: "Maybe he’s waiting for take off? I go to my assigned seat before I start looking for an empty one that might be more comfortable."

Alas, despite the user's best efforts at trying to find an adequate excuse for the third passenger, as per Southwest Flight's website, the company doesn't actually assign seats for flyers.

It states: "Southwest-operated flights have open seating. Once onboard, simply choose any available seat and stow your carryon items in the overhead bin or under the seat in front of you."

The chef was flying with Southwest Airlines.
GAaronP/ Bauer-Griffin/ GC Imagesetty Images/

Although, as one user noted, maybe they're just a frightened flyer.

They said: "He probably has anxiety when it comes to planes/flying & being near someone else gave him a sense of safety/security."

"I’m sorry but if I board an empty flight im not sitting by myself either.. thats creepy," another added.

So what do you think?

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