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People baffled by 'glitch in the matrix' after spotting plane ‘stopped still in the air’
Featured Image Credit: Reddit/ u/ Silent-Lobster7854

People baffled by 'glitch in the matrix' after spotting plane ‘stopped still in the air’

Prepare to feel like Leave the World Behind never ended...

A video of a plane seemingly 'pausing' mid-air has sent social media users' heads spinning.

If you'd been left unsatisfied with the ending of Netflix's Leave The World Behind then fear not, because prepare to feel like you've been transported into a scene from the movie in real life.

Check out a similarly bamboozling occurrence here:

A Redditor who goes by the username u/Silent-Lobster7854 took to the platform earlier this week on Wednesday (10 January) to re-share a video which had previously done the rounds.

Taking to the thread r/Damnthatsinteresting, the user shared footage filmed by a passenger in one aircraft, focusing their camera on another plane, which appears to have come to a complete standstill in the air.

It's an uneasy sight to see and when it was shared to social media late last year - in a post which has since been deleted - and people flooded to the comments in disbelief.

Trippy isn't it?
Reddit/ u/Silent-Lobster7854

One user named u/sparklingdinoturd wrote: "Lag in the matrix."

"The Matrix is broken," another - u/Xintus1765 - echoed.

A third - u/Outrageous_Ad2502 - questioned: "Where's its shadow?"

And another - u/imgrowing1027 - said: "It's pretty interesting that it doesn't have a shadow. With the perspective and the inability to really tell where it is compared to the bridge, it's possible our position isn't far enough away to see the shadow, but it seems like it should be almost directly underneath it, compared to the shadow of the bridge."

However, in the more recent post, people are thankfully setting others' minds at ease and offering possible explanations for the strange sight.

This has confused much of the internet before.
Reddit/ u/Silent-Lobster7854

A user - u/W0tzup - commented: "The change in observers angle coupled with different speeds of both planes is deceiving depth perception.

"This is the same reason when trees further away don’t move as far as those closer to the train when looking out the window."

And weirdly enough, the video isn't actual the first time the internet has been left baffled by planes seemingly being left ‘stopped still in the air’ either, as one TikTok which went viral earlier last year revealed.

In the video, TikToker Tania is in a car driving along a road when she spots a passenger plane in the air.

The plane appears to be stationary, leading Tania to cry out: "I told you! I told you! Did I not tell you? That is f**king crazy! Bro!"

Tania wrote: "Glitch in Matrix? This isn't the first time I've seen this in Chicago either."

Other TikTok users shared their confusion in the comments.

One wrote: "I would've had to pull over & get out to make sure I was seeing this correctly…. This is wicked lol."

Thankfully, there is a simple explanation for all of this, thanks to a certain expert.

Commenting on another video showing a suspended plane from a moving car, Metro's science and technology reporter Jeff Parsons, explains: "In all likelihood the motion of the car is counteracting the slowing down of the plane - possibly as it comes in to land.

"Add to that the shifting perspective of the camera and it could seem as if the plane was stationary in the air."

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