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Writer explains why the ‘disappointing’ ending of Leave The World Behind was inevitable

Writer explains why the ‘disappointing’ ending of Leave The World Behind was inevitable

Writer Rumaan Alam addressed the controversy

If you've been on Netflix in recent days, there's a good chance you've already watched Leave The World Behind.

The highly anticipated movie dropped on the streaming platform on Friday (December 8) and boasts an impressive all-star cast including Julia Roberts and Ethan Hawke.

The film is based on the book of the same title, penned by Rumaan Alam.

Released in 2020, it didn't take long for Netflix to swoop in and buy the rights to create a film adaption.

In the wake of Leave The World Behind making its streaming debut, thousands of people went to watch it over the weekend.

The apocalyptic film has left some viewers terrified, but there's been one thing on everyone's minds - the ending.

Many have taken to X to discuss their views.

"Leave the World Behind needs a part 2 or something, because that ending felt like the start of the real movie," one person wrote.

A second added: "Leave the World Behind on Netflix is so good but that ending imma fight whoever made it like that."

Dozens of others echoed similar sentiments.

Leave the World Behind is now streaming on Netflix.

In light of controversial cliffhanger of an ending, Alam has spoken out.

"The key thing to look at... is that the book ends with a question mark," he said to Variety. "To end with the particular jolt of humor that [Sam Esmail] does is so satisfying and so rewarding.

"It’s sort of self-reflective because he’s a filmmaker. He’s also worked in television, and he’s sort of asserting something about the power of that medium, and its hold over this one character.

"I say it’s funny, but I don’t think it’s a joke. I don’t think it’s a joke on Rose. I don’t think it’s a joke on the audience. I don’t think it’s a joke on Friends. It’s a reminder that art is kind of a salve."

The author of the book, Rumaan Alam, has addressed the controversy.
Cindy Ord/FilmMagic

Undeniably the ending left lots of potential outcomes for the two families: Does Archie survive? Does Rose stay in the house on her own? Do Ruth and George ever reunite?

And the reason for this is because Alam himself doesn't actually have a definitive ending for the story.

He said: "I’m not withholding a definitive answer because I’m not in possession of that."

With this in mind, Alam actually likes that it's left people questioning everything.

I mean, it's certainly got people talking - that's for sure.

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