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Man shocked as he discovers doppelganger stranger sitting next to him on plane has exact same name as him
Featured Image Credit: SWNS

Man shocked as he discovers doppelganger stranger sitting next to him on plane has exact same name as him

The two Mark Garlands are now best of mates and plan to meet up for a beer in Thailand.

A man was left shocked after discovering a doppelganger stranger sitting next to him on the plane had a lot of similarities to himself.

Mark Garland was checking in at Heathrow Airport, London, for his flight to Bangkok, Thailand.

However, he was told by staff that he'd actually already checked in.

But after 40 minutes of confusion, staff finally worked out there were two Mark Garlands on the flight.

The pair didn't just have the same name, but they also had a lot of similarities as well.

The two Mark's were able to meet at departures and they quickly noticed how similar they looked.

Can certainly see the resemblance can't you?

After discovering they both had identical shaved heads, the two Mark's found themselves next to each other on the plane.

Older Mark, 62, and younger Mark, 58, discovered they live just 15 miles apart. Younger Mark is a bus driver, with other Mark a builder.

Well, builder Mark has apparently even got on other Mark's bus before they met.

Truly remarkable.


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The pair even have a friend in common, are both single, and have four kids.

And considering they were on a flight to Thailand, the two Mark's are big fans of that part of the world.

Younger Mark said: "We were so shocked by how strange it was. We both kept laughing and smiling about it, it made me happy.

"I said ‘you have caused me so much problems’, and he said ‘you have caused me so much problems’.

"I said, ‘look I’m Mark Garland’, showing him my passport, and he started laughing and opened his passport and showed me his name, and it was banter."

Meanwhile, older Mark added: "It was crazy - I have never known anything like it.

"They said there was another Mark Garland. They came to the bar, and asked to see my passport.

"I was thinking 'what is going on!'.

"My name was coming out of the antenna, and my phone was going. I thought someone was winding me up."

The men met in Heathrow Airport.
Andy Soloman/UCG/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

He added: "I go to the desk and there’s a bloke who looks just like me, but he’s a bit bigger than me.

"I’m better looking and older.

"He’s like me, I’ve got a character and I love winding people up - we’re the same.

"He’s actually a nice bloke, I’ve got to say."

By the end of the plane journey, the two Mark Garlands were good pals and have vowed to stay in contact.

They are even planning to meet up for a beer in Thailand.

"I’ve made a friend for life," said older Mark.

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