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Airplane pilot forced to intervene after father leaves his kids and gets stuck in plane bathroom
Featured Image Credit: Reddit/@Stuckdeltabathroom / Joko/Bildagentur-online/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

Airplane pilot forced to intervene after father leaves his kids and gets stuck in plane bathroom

The pilot could be seen kicking the bathroom door on the plane

If you're claustrophobic, getting stuck in an airplane bathroom is probably one of your worst nightmares.

After all, plane toilets are so small. You can barely shuffle around to wash your hands - never mind sit in their comfortably for hours on end while waiting to be freed.

But one woman has described how her husband ended up trapped in a Delta Air Lines restroom - and even the pilot was roped in to help out.

The door became stuck.
Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images

Taking to Reddit, the woman explained how she and her husband were travelling with their young children, when he left his seat to nip to the bathroom.

After five minutes, the woman started wondering where her husband was, especially as she was juggling her kids on her own.

She heard a flight attendant talking about someone being 'stuck' and immediately knew her husband must be trapped.

"Something clicked. 'Excuse me, is there someone stuck in the bathroom??'" she wrote.

“'Yes,' she said. 'The door is jammed, and someone is stuck in there. I think that’s my husband!'

"My attention diverted to the rear of the plane, where sure enough, two Delta flight attendants were yanking the bathroom door handle in and attempt to free my trapped husband.

"Soon, the two flight attendants (both women) recruited a random male passenger to help try to dislodge the door. He gave it his damnest, but it was to no avail."

The woman explained that the pilot was then recruited to help.

"It had now been 20 minutes. Brent had been stuck in a 3.5 x 5ft pee and poop box for almost a half hour.

"Next up to try his luck, and I kid you not, was THE PILOT. Don’t ask me who was flying the plane LOL. I think they may have needed his permission to potentially damage the door to get Brent out."

The Redditor explained that it was only when her husband "kicked the hell out of the door while the pilot was pulling as hard as possible" that he was freed.

The man was trapped in the bathroom for 35 minutes, but luckily he did not suffer from claustrophobia and managed to stay calm.

The woman went on to explain that she wasn't going to share the video, but Delta had refused to refund their flights.

The pilot was asked to help.

Although, not everyone thought this was appropriate.

One wrote: "You lost me when you expected a refund for all of your flights… Some sky pesos for the inconvenience, sure. But a full refund? Nah."

While another said: "Asking for a refund is a stretch and a bit excessive. Yes, there was a malfunction and your husband was stuck for 35 min. However, this wasn’t life-threatening nor did it result in any kind of injury."

UNILAD has contacted Delta for comment.

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